Oh she looks cute up there, but look at her before. She was a real ugly duckling.

In fact I think a whatcha-ma-call-it, would be a much better description. When I took her up to the counter at the thrift shop, the lady took a look at me and then Hannah, and said "You really want to buy this?"

I giggled thinking what she must think my house would look like. Some funky taste.
The middle had a water mill, that actually functioned. It poured water out from the base.

Oh wait, it gets better. It lights up.
AND, as if that is not enough, it was surrounded by nylon strings, that you could strum. Sounded just like a cheap guitar.

Ok, so I took all of that apart and tossed it. And gave it an extreme Alyshia makeover, peacock addition.

I took it out back, tied it up under my ladder and painted it black. It's an easier way to paint something that will hang. Like a chandelier.
Dabbed on some dark green, medium green, light green, aqua and then white washed it with a glaze to give it a nice verdigris look.

As for the missing strings, they got replaced with chicken wire.

We cut a branch from the tree and put a peacock in. He now guards the entrance to Hannah's door.

Lets party:

Please join the fabulous Kimba at a Soft Place to Land for DIY day.

And the lovely The Shabby Chic Cottage for some fantastic transformations!


Anonymous said…
Love what you did with that light! I grew up in the 70's and these were all the rage for awhile! Oil would continually drip down the strummy nylon strings for a "lovely" effect!
Leslie said…
I've seen those at thrift stores & they're all gummed up & yukky. You made this look absolutely fabuous!!! I might have to purchase the next yukky one I find. Happy DIY Thursday! Hugs, Leslie
V. said…
I like what you did with the lamp - you probably don't want to know that we used to sell them on ebay for $150 or more....! Definitely looks better your way!

Thanks for visiting!

Mrs. Nepper said…
Thanks for stopping by and I LOVE your lamp re-do.
My Dad actually has almost an identical lamp, although his unfortunately has some naked lady in the middle. And yes, the water runs down the little strings when you turn it on.
Funny enough I was just wondering what a person could do to make that thing any less hideous. You pulled it off. Great work!
I remember these~! They were the rage. Too funny. Nice makeover.
Struggler said…
I'm amazed you saw the potential in this. Great transformation!

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