Ballards Inspiration: Cord Control

I am sitting on the couch, flipping through a recent catalogue, and I spot this. I want to smack myself for not thinking of this before. Duh!
Leave it to Ballards to come up with something so simple, sophisticated, and overpriced. ($29)
Photo courtesy of Ballards Designs.
I am a bit of a fabric pack rat. I save pieces of fabric thinking I will eventually use them for something. (And I usually do...)
I had some scrap silk left over from last weeks Inspiration Board.
You truly just need scraps for these. Any long narrow piece will do.
On the narrow ends, I ran a strip of hot glue and folded it over to make a seam towards the backside of the fabric.

Did both sides

Folded it in half length wise, with the right side of the fabric sandwiched in the middle.

Glued the two sides together to make a long, hollow center.

Turned it right side out.

And fed my cord through.

It took this lamp cord from this.

To this.

I did the dining room lamp.

The before guest bath.

With some scraps left over from this project.

Turned into this.

This swarm of computer cords.

Now looks like this.

On my vanity in the master bath before.

And is now so much better.

This would be fantastic behind an entertainment center too. You could even use fabric to match your wall color, so it just blends right in. For all the sewers out there, this project is for you too! I am just showing you the lazy girls method. (No shame in the game) The whole project was less than 20 minutes total.


Liane said…
That's very cute. What a great idea!
Liane said…
P.S. I love your new look.
I like the lazy girl method ~ that's how I roll! I am glad to see you did this with hot glue. No wonder you got so many done; very quick with the glue. I'm going through my fabric stash!
Great idea! Thanks for the heads up on my boo candles. Glad you liked them!

Blessings, you creative girl you...
Deanna said…
hello from Kansas!
This is a very pretty idea to hide cords.
Looks great!
God Bless,
d from homehaven
Jenn said…
LOVE IT! I'm going to go home now and cover all my cords.
Lee Laurie said…
I'm gonna do this! I hate cords showing!
Denise said…
I always say, "Why make one when you can make eight or ten for the same low price!" I am impressed that you did so many. I usually stop after one or maybe two. If you're still on a roll, maybe you could come and glue some for me. I have a few that could use it. :)
Mama Thompson said…
Love that...and i think I have some fabric just begging to be used up this way!
alanna rose said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I actually posted a comment on a random post of yours (Aug. 31? I was exploring your blog and got all excited and had to say something), didn't want to get lost in the comment fray :)
Thanks again!
Kim said…
Hi, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I've just recently started blogging on a regular basis and get so excited when I have comments! The cord cover is cute as can be. Stop by again anytime! Kim
Moe said…
What a clever idea, I have a tone of lamps I should do this to! Thanks for the inspiration.

PS thanks for the visit and the comment.
Anonymous said…
I have seen those in some of the home goods stores lately. It must be the new thing. I wish I could sew. :-(
Becky said…
Those are adorable!! And I also love that you did it with hot glue gun and didn't lug out the sewing machine. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!
When you're going to cover your cords, you don't joke around! Did you do your hair dryer cord as well? :) I love that idea. I've always used cord covers on my chandeliers, but I never have thought of it for a lamp.
Cute cute cute!! :) Thanks for stopping by. Have a great night! :)
Awesome! I totally love this idea - thanks for sharing - glad you found my blog! I'm a follower of your blog now:)
AdronsCatherine said…
Aren't you clever! Thank you so much for sharing your lightbulb moment with us minions!!! Of course, I *do* have to laugh about glue being the "lazy girl" method - it would be SO much more work for me to glue it than for me to sew it LOLOLOL!!!

Have a wonderful day!
Eve said…
What an awesome idea, I have TONS of cords I can use this with!
Thank you for your comment on my "Passion for Paisley" post. :-)
tinahead81 said…
i'm all about the "lazy" method! those look awesome! i think i'll have to give them a go!

thanks for visiting my blog!! :o)
Marla said…
Great idea on the cord covers, I think I might try this too. Love your blog by the way, and thanks for visiting me, hope you'll come back and see me again. Marla @sevenpalms
junkdreams said…
Fabulous idea....I've seen these done with chandeliers, but never with table lamps.
Thanks for your visit to my answer to your question about the transfer is also called graphite paper, basically it is the black tissue like stuff you use when you make a carbon copy. Hope that helps. Happy day.
4Hoffman's said…
Totally cute! And a project I think I can handle! LOL!! Love the new blog style!
Jenn said…
I'm in Fort Worth. Where in TX are you? I'm hooked on your blog after reading a few more posts :) We just moved into a new house and I'm dying to decorate!
HOLY COW! I can't get over how fast your blog is growing! I knew I stumbled onto a good thing.

I need to make several of these babies too. So many lamp cords, so very ugly!

Have a great week,
Adriana said…
So creative. I have a lot of children print fabric that will work great in my kids' room. Will keep the little ones from playing with the cords too!
Lisa Anne said…
Wow I was looking through your blog and you have some amazing DIY projects. I love the art you hung over your pantry. Thank you for explaining how you made it with all the picture frames and stuff. I'm just getting into this whole craft world so I don't think I am ready for something like that yet.

I love love love your halloween decore. I wish I had an area in my house where I could put a dispplay like that. It looks so good. I love how you did the huge spiderweb with the sticks.

I hope you don't mind I'm going to follow you and even add you to my daily blog roll.

Thanks for visiting my sight, my little fall flower baskets have nothing on your projects.

But hey I'm trying. lol

You are my newest inspiration!
Patty B. said…
Excellent idea! I'm off to make cord covers...
Melissa Miller said…
Hi Alyshia,
It's so nice to meet you! Thank you very much for your kind visit to my blog. You're always welcome!
I really appreciate your sweet words of encouragement as well.

I have several lamps I've been meaning to fix with this cord cover idea. You've inspired me today! Yours look just gorgeous. LOVE the guest bath! ~Precious!

Blessings to you my friend,
~Warmly, Melissa :)
Fifi Flowers said…
That is great! I need one of those for my dining room chandelier... I think I need it with velcro... because I am NOT taking down chandelier to put it on.
I almost didn't read this post, because I just knew it would involve sewing. Glad I didn't pass it by! Hot glue and me are best buds! This is something I CAN and WILL do!
I also almost didn't read it, because it looked like it involved sewing and elastic (gasp!).
What a great way to use up fabric scraps!
Annikke said…
I just love these... Last night I started looking around for fabric scraps and all the cords I need to cover!
Jenny said…
Great idea! I would have never thought to do that either.
Congrats on being spotlighted on One Pretty Thing! We're up there together :).
casserole said…
This is a great idea!! I featured your project on Craft Gossip Sewing:

Oh my goodness!!! Such a darling idea!! So easy, but makes such a BIG difference!! Love that you used hot glue!! I am addicted to hot gluing things :-) hope you have a great night sweetie!! Hugs! Britt :-)
K_dubzzz said…
I absolutely love this idea!!!! However, is this safe? I'm worried about electricity and cloth... Just seems unsafe, but who knows I worry about everything anyway. :-)
Amber said…
GREAT Idea!! One of the reason's I don't have as many lamps as I would like to have cause I never knew what to do with the cords!! :)
Thanks for the comment over on my blog too!!
Anonymous said…
Great idea!
and....looks soooo good!
Girly Stuff said…
Your blog is great! As is your home! can buy those cord covers at Hobby Lobby half off when lighting goes on sale. Yours are cuter though. But I am even lazier than hot glue!
So glad I found your blog!! I am going to be making me some cord covers this week!!!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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