Personalized Topiaries

I L.O.V.E. topiaries.

There is just something so charming about them.

And I think my love of all things personalized, goes without saying. Texans just love to brand things.

This was a very inexpensive project.

The cute little pots came from the Dollar store in a 3 pack, in the wedding favor section. Being for weddings, they were white, so I spray painted them with glossy black paint. To lazy to make a stencil, I free handed the letters with a white paint pen.

My Aunt gave me the styrofoam balls. The moss also came from the dollar store.

I tried several different methods to glue the moss on, including rolling it in modge podge, and then putting the moss on, and spray adhesive. But in the end, the most effective and most painful was to use hot glue.

I cut some sticks from our tree outside, pushed them up into the styrofoam. Glued the other end of the stick to the bottom of the pot, and filled with some pebbles I had.

The tray came from a thrift store and was red before it received a couple coats of a frenchy blue.

Lots of places to party:

Please visit the fabulous Kimba for more inspiring DIY projects!

The lovely Shabby Chic Cottage for some amazing transformations!


I am totally with you on locing topiaries. Adding the lettering to the group is a great idea. I also feel you on the pain of using a glue gun. I currently have a nasty burn on my arm from one!
Angie said…
LOVE it!! What a great idea! I am going to have to try this. Thanks for the great idea!!
I got a burn on my pinky today!!! But creating is worth the pain:) Love your topiaries!!! What a great idea!
I am a topiary lover too...I should post some of mine...they are great fill in anywhere and I have quite a collection...Maybe I collect them...
LOVE those!! I think topiaries are just the cutest thing in the world!
Anonymous said…
Ahh these are beautiful and I love what you did with that vintage waterfall below.

Olive Rue was just a name I came up with on the spur of the moment. Olive was a pet's name, and Rue for Paris. I just stuck them together because I wanted a name that stood out. :-) Crazy huh.
Symone's Mommy said… are a genius! Let's plan on CCA next Tuesday. Have to go to office tomorrow.
Six in One Hand said…
Love this!
This is such a great idea!
Great job!!!
Grits414 said…
Looks great!!! Nice job!!!
Lovely!!! I can't believe you freehanded the's great. :) I like this project...great use of the Dollar Store. Stopping by from Kimba's party. :)
Valencia said…
WOW that looks great. You are so creative!
Blue Creek Home said…
I love the personalized topiaries. I love the french blue tray they are in. The whole vignette is just beautiful.
I love those drapes in the background, too!!!

*The header over the Italian mural is made of a lightweight styrene(?) type of material. The same thing that ceiling medallions are made of.
Sunny said…
Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday. I'll send you an email later to get up with you about Dallas. Clever on the topiaries, btw :)
Happy@Home said…
Wow ~ you really know how to make a classy looking topiary. Who needs stencils when you can freehand the letters that beautifully. Great job!!
Sara said…
Once again, I love all your projects--especially the inspiration board. I'd love to see pics of your puppet theater! My email is

Justin and Jenn said…
Thanks for stopping by!! I LOVE the topiaries...incredibly creative!
These are great. I'm totally stealing this idea and linking back to you once I do! Love this.
I just found your blog...and I think I kind of love it. Your topiaries are adorable! I have never made one before, but after seeing yours, I may just have to try it out. Love love love it!

I'm going to add you to my blogroll right now...I hope you don't mind!
Gail said…
Really enjoyed my visit here. Love what you have done with all your treasures. Very creative!

What a cute idea and I LOVE the Horchow art you created and your inspiration board too! Thanks so much for stopping by "The Honey Do Chronicles" Arbor post. It's my husband's blog and he's not real good at reciprocating visits - so I take care of that! Have a great weekend!
Hi, this turned out amazing! What a great idea. I saw those same little containers at our dollar tree. Great project!
Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my toile curtains. In response to your question, I am a nurse on a helicopter. We transport patients between hospitals and from scenes of accidents.
Love your topiaries. Great idea!
Anonymous said…
Those turned out just fabulous! Love how you staggered them on the tray at different levels. Gorgeous!
Out of this world. I am linking this to because I LIKE it sooo much!
Out of this world. I am linking this to because I like it sooooo much.
Jenn said…
Adorable! Love it!
How nice! Thanks for giving us some instructions, too!
Great job! They're so pretty!

Great! I love the personalized part. How many fingers did you burn? :)
These would be great to link up at Trash to Treasure Tuesday! Stop by some time!
Jennifer Poppy said…
I was just thinking yesterday about how I needed a couple of topiaries for our mantle. Thanks for the idea!
How absolutely cute are these? Adorable.

So cute! I love topiaries, but I never would have thought of making my own. I'm thinking these would be great to adapt for Christmas! Thanks for the idea.
{ L } said…
Ok, sorry...I think I've left you too many comments today. BUT this is another excellent post. I'm a new follower. :)
So cute! There'll be a link on Dollar Store Crafts in October.

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