Drive By

Friday we had a play date with one of my very best friends. I have known Anne since high school, and we were roommates in college. We had babies 15 days apart, and Hannah and Luke have been best buds ever since.

So, as I am driving down her street towards her house, one of her neighbors has furniture by the curb. I almost swerved off the road. Go in and inform her that someone is giving away two perfectly good chests. We walk down there and inspect them, and then wait for her husband to leave for work. :) She says this is a normal occurrence, and that bulk pickup day is Friday. So, we load all three kids in her SUV, picked up the chest, and drove around the 5 adjacent neighborhoods. I haven't laughed that hard in forever. I can only imagine what we looked like. Taking turns jumping out of the car to examine trash. Luke told us we can not take other people's stuff. I kind of felt like I was being baited. How funny would it be to sit in the front window and watch to see who comes to take a peek?

I ended up with a neat iron and glass thing, no idea what it is supposed to be used for. But it has blue glass, like the old bell jars. After I brought it home, it sat in a scalding bath of antibacterial soap for 4 hours, then Lysol and Clorox wipes. Now it is home to a collection of corks.
Anne plans on refinishing the chest, and using it in her entry way. She said her husband came home Friday, and gave her the stink eye when he spotted it. He asked if this was going to be a regular Friday event. :) Sorry Jas, looks like that's a yes!
I am a little worried if I bring home any more furniture, Josh may put me on the curb.
So funny, how our drive bys have evolved. In high school we would drive around looking for boys, in college we would drive around looking for parties, and now that we are married with kids, we are driving around looking for fabulous trash! Haha! Love you, sweet friend!
Can't wait to see what we find next week!


How funny! Your friend waits for hubby to leave and gets the stink eye anyway! I'm surprised both husbands don't drive down the street and see these things thinking "that'll be in MY house when I get home"!
Sara said…
That was just the sweetest comment you left! We live in .....*drumroll*.....southeast Idaho. It is beautiful here; I love everything EXCEPT the freezing cold winters!! And yes, shopping for little girls is such a weakness (but a really fun one)!! Can't wait to see more projects!

Annette said…
Hi Shine,

That is too funny! I have wanted to go "dumpster diving" in my neighborhood but since most of the homes have rear entry garages, I thought I might freak my neighbors out if they saw me driving slowly down all of the alleys. I can so see me and Latasha doing this one day in the near future. It is great you and your friend got some good fines - FREE!
AnneYarbs79 said…
It was fun wasn't it!!?.

I'm sure our kids will be in therapy one day sharing in the embarrassment of their mothers going through people's garbage. (But the money we saved on these freebies can pay for it!)

Ha! Mu-ah!- love you too!
Sunny said…
That sounds like my kinda party! So, I went over to your friend's page and she says she's in Dallas, so that means you live in Dallas, too, eh? My BFF just moved there! Are there any yummy restaurants and girlie hang out places that she and I can go when I head to visit in about 3wks?
Tara said…
Oh wow. Looks like some great finds. Love the cork idea! May have to scrounge up something to put mine in.
You two sound like you know how to have some real fun!
Hugs from NE Texas.

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