November 7, 2011

Country Woman

I have been looking forward to sharing this exciting news for months.  Our kitchen is featured in the Christmas (December/January) issue of Country Woman magazine. 
It was an awesome experience.  Thank you to Country Woman and to all of the incredible ladies that put this story together.  I have enjoyed talking and working with each of you.  Your magazine is fresh and fun.
Thank you to the talented photographer, Stephen Karlisch, for the beautiful photographs, extreme patience with a silly four year old, and for making us laugh.  You and your crew made it an unforgettable experience.
This was shot last December, while we were awaiting Micah’s arrival.  Hence why I look much “rounder” than usual :)
Grab an issue in print, there are more pictures than the online version.  The magazine is entertaining, colorful and aesthetically pleasing.  There are some fantastic crafts and delicious recipes I can’t wait to try!

What a year……

back to blogging
It is hard to believe it has been a year since I have last posted.  My blogging sabbatical is officially over.   Thank you for the kind emails and comments, and for those who haven’t given up on this blog.  :)  I have missed the creative aspect of blogging, but even more so I have missed the people I have met along the way.  It has been quite a year.  A year dedicated to our family.  We welcomed our son Micah to the family in March.  Here we are with Hannah right after his arrival.
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We waited five years to have another baby, and this time around I have known better.  With Hannah I felt there would always be “more time”, and there never was.  I know I will blink and Micah will no longer be an infant.  All of the clich├ęs are true for a reason.  This time is fleeting.  I want to savor and enjoy every moment I can while he is a baby.
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So we have snuggled, and cuddled.
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Spent as much time as we can with our families.   
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Laughed and played.
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We enjoyed the summer together, knowing it was the last three months of having them both home before Hannah started school.
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Hannah started kindergarten this fall.
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Josh and I are both trying to volunteer as much time as we can at her elementary school.
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I have been doing freelance design work that has been a blast, I can’t wait to share pictures with you.  I was also working exclusively with an art gallery in downtown Dallas before I got pregnant.  I took time away from the studio because I didn’t want to chance exposure to any chemicals.  I thought I was just going to just jump back into the studio as soon as Micah was born – HA!  Turns out, I have a really hard time putting him down.  ;)
back to blogging (12)
With Hannah in school, and Micah starting to develop more of a routine, I am going to try to post regularly. I have plenty of projects to share, as well as some exciting news.