November 16, 2009

Carved Angel Wings

When I first saw these carved angel wings from Pottery Barn, I was in L.O.V.E. Seriously, love.

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn
Once I started to do a little research, I found several antique French wings, that I loved even more. So I had to figure out a way to make them. Although carving wood was out of the question. I used only recycled materials.
Added coats of browns, golds and blacks. Gave them a slight white washed effect for age.
For the display I used a frame from a french door (we found it on bulk trash pick up day, HA!)
And my best friend gave me the remainder of a roll of paintable wallpaper.
Painted and hot glued together.
My all time favorite Christmas carol, and my Mom's fantastic typewriter.
The paper was stained with coffee, and then stamped with a sheet music stamp, and I printed out the song.

Some dollar store birdies (sans their ugly ornament hangers)
The cute little mirror tree was also a dollar store purchase, but was a little too bright and shiny for me, so I tarnished it with raw umber oil glaze.

A cute little frames and some paper that I spray painted and stamped.

I have wanted to be an artist my entire life. I can remember the first art set I was ever given, I was four. When I think back, it seems like when I opened it it was like that scene from Indiana Jones, when the Holy Grail is opened. Angels singing. You get the picture.
I am so proud to say that I will be exhibiting wings similar to these (but larger) at a very chic gallery, downtown next month. Words do not describe how excited I am.

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November 2, 2009

Seasonal Guest Bath Arrangement

Hello! Look at me, blogging two times in a week! Wow!
I have not been on a bloggy hiatus, just busy.
So I wanted to show you a quick and easy seasonal makeover I did for our guest bathroom.
Here is the before (rather boring, if I do say so myself)
(And no, I do not normally keep my hot glue gun and scissors in the bathroom....)
I got this at a garage sale for $1!
I loved the frame, my BF loved the canvas = PERFECT!

I took the canvas out, and cut two equal parts of fishing line. I looped the fishing line around four times, knotted the ends and hot glued the knots to the back top corners of the frame.

I trimmed the excess.
I have been saving this gorgeous moss wreath I got on clearance from Joanne's last year for $0.97. It was just a little too small for most applications (like hanging on a door).

I used some left over silk from this project. And cut a piece long enough to hold the wreath.

Hot glued the seams under.

No........I do not normally have pine cones in the sink...

Used the screws that hold the mirror in place and loosened them, slid the fishing line over and tightened them.

Had an urn that was formally brass, but I painted a distressed old irony black.
(You can see by the bottom what it used to look like...)

Has some sticks from our neighbors tree I spray painted white. I tied them together with twine, and did not use Styrofoam.

My Mom gave me some random green filler and added it to the base.

Placed pine cones from my Grandparents farm around the base to cover the twine.

I LOVE the outcome. Dramatic, but multi seasonal. It will work Thanksgiving through January.

And, it was free, using things I had around the house!

This is a pic taken with flash "off". I am trying to tweak my camera.

November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a fantastic Halloween!

Hannah's costume looked adorable on, and she had so much fun in it! So girly!
Here is the back without the wings.

Mommy and Hannah.

We went to a Halloween block party and she had a blast.
Too bad our annual photo shoot was rained out last week. Boo!

Family pic.

Before trick or treating.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!
If anyone is still interested I can post a tutorial for the wings (maybe for next year...).
As you can tell my Halloween motto seems to be "Go Big, or Go Home"! Ha!
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