Carved Angel Wings

When I first saw these carved angel wings from Pottery Barn, I was in L.O.V.E. Seriously, love.

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn
Once I started to do a little research, I found several antique French wings, that I loved even more. So I had to figure out a way to make them. Although carving wood was out of the question. I used only recycled materials.
Added coats of browns, golds and blacks. Gave them a slight white washed effect for age.
For the display I used a frame from a french door (we found it on bulk trash pick up day, HA!)
And my best friend gave me the remainder of a roll of paintable wallpaper.
Painted and hot glued together.
My all time favorite Christmas carol, and my Mom's fantastic typewriter.
The paper was stained with coffee, and then stamped with a sheet music stamp, and I printed out the song.

Some dollar store birdies (sans their ugly ornament hangers)
The cute little mirror tree was also a dollar store purchase, but was a little too bright and shiny for me, so I tarnished it with raw umber oil glaze.

A cute little frames and some paper that I spray painted and stamped.

I have wanted to be an artist my entire life. I can remember the first art set I was ever given, I was four. When I think back, it seems like when I opened it it was like that scene from Indiana Jones, when the Holy Grail is opened. Angels singing. You get the picture.
I am so proud to say that I will be exhibiting wings similar to these (but larger) at a very chic gallery, downtown next month. Words do not describe how excited I am.

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Oh my goodness, you thought out every detail~what a beautiful vignette! I especially love the idea of the song in the typewriter~
I made some angel wings for my mantle last year, and I have to say, they are my new favorite Christmas decoration! I love your take on it :)
Magic Brush said…
Woooooooooooooow. That rocks. What did you make them out of?????? You are extremely talented!
Anonymous said…
I am always super impressed with your beautiful artwork. Thank you for sharing your process! I was wondering what you used of recycled materials.
Amy Kinser said…
That is one of the most beautiful things I have seen since I have been looking at blogs. You are an incredibly gifted lady. Thanks so much for sharing this entire beauty.
Holly said…
Wow! I was going to say that you are not just a DIYer, you are clearly an artist. Congratulations on your exhibit!
HRH Gigi said…
You truly are an artist. Congratulations on the gallery debut.
Jennifer said…
What a beautiful arrangement! Congratulations on the gallery exhibit... that is SO exciting! I know what you mean about getting your first art supplies and thinking it was the BEST day ever! :)
Well you certainly are an artist. I can't believe you made those...the display is beautiful. I'm really impressed. Congrats on the gallery showing and living your dream!

Anonymous said…
Oh my no detail was left untouched!! This is a gorgeous vignette and so much inspiration to glean from this post! Thank you!

The wings are stunning! Wow I never would have thought to endeavor something like this! You truly are an artist!!

Joely said…
Wow! Amazing!! Love can you make me red?! Haha.
Shannon said…
Oh this is so amazing. You did such an incredible job displaying these. They are beautiful!
The wings are really incredible - amazing job. I also LOVE what you did with your dollar store decorations - I have been eying those trees, but you have actually taken them and made them classy, which is awesome! :) I hope you don't mind if I link to your post to show off the tree & birdies!
Wow, I am very impressed!
Get out of here, that is AMAZING! Please stop by my house if you're ever in FTW and work your magic. Thanks. :)
Cindy said…
No way! That looks marvey! YOu have definitely got a way with vignettes, girl :o)
Sherri S said…
Amazing! You are a creative wizard! And all the extra touches. Gorgeous. Blows me away, seriously.
Blue Creek Home said…
As soon as my heart returns to a normal beat, I will tell you...just how impressed I am with your creativity and your desire to achieve such beauty. You certainly did yourself proud with these incredible angel wings.
I just purchased a single wing on a stand. It will have to do for now.
Enjoy the gallery showing.
Oh my Lord. Wow. Seriously. I'm speechless. I beyond LOVE everything. The wings are gorgeous and I'm just adoring the entire vignette. You are incredibly talented girlfriend and you should be giddy and proud of yourself. Congrats on the exhibit gig! You'll have to take lots of pics for us :).
This is SO amazing! You're projects & creativity always seem to blow me away.
Tara said…
You are so talented! Not only are the wings amazing the whole display is just plain awesomeness!
Miss Obara said…
THAT is!
Fab job!
That is the most beautiful display I have ever seen. I am seriously in awe. What kind of recycled stuff did you use for the wings? I have to know. You are an inspiration.

LOVE IT!!!!!Such a beautiful display for the holiday. I love the wings!
Thanks for sharing.

AnneYarbs79 said…
LOVE the finished set up! Its all coming together- hang in there: The end is in sight! xoxo
Love the vignette! How did you end up making the wings?
Symone's Mommy said…
Shine - you are unbelievable! You should do set design for plays! Really, really a gorgeous piece of work.
Room to Inspire said…
These wings are truly wonderful...I love the shape, size, detail and finish. Can you show us a tutorial??? I also love what you did with the dollar store trees - I picked a few up last week and realized they are TOO shiny for me too. What glaze did you use?

Great job, love it all.
jc said…
Your Angel Wings are truly stunning. I love them way more than the PB ones. You are incredibly gifted. I love everything!
Mrs. Nepper said…
Absolutely gorgeous. You totally have a gift. Just beautiful!
Halo Hill said…
I LOVE your blog and your pics and projects. I'm trying to figure out your angel wings. I see the pictures, but I don't see what you made them from? I'd love to make some myself! :)

Thank you,
Michelle said…
That just took my breath away!!!
Maddy said…
Beautiful job!! I prefer these to the originals :o)
oh my goodness!! you are sooo talented!! LOVE everything you made!! Especially the angel wings! Wow!! I adore them!! great job!!
I hope you have a great night!!
hugs!! Britt :-)
HouseMama said…
Oh wow. It is beautiful. Wish I had something to say, but I'm kinda at a loss for words. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us.
amy said…
I usually just lurk around the DIY circuit, and I have seen your work before, but this one just floored me! I love your talent and inspiration, and I have to say that I am totally obsessed with how you did the wings. I have looked at them, even had my husband look at them, at least 101 times, seriously! So since I couldn't figure them out, I did the tree. Thanks for the tips on that. Please do share how you did the wings. Thanks so much for posting!
One Cheap B*tch said…
You truly ARE an artist! What a great collection of items. So inspiring!
What an interesting project! And Ilove your arrangement and the "o Holy Night" in the typewriter. Very cool & creative!
Miss-tearious said…
Ok, I have seen those mirrored trees in the dollar store and now I want to copy you! SO cute!

You said you tarnished it with raw umber oil glaze.. I have no idea what that is, or where to find it. Can you give me some more info please?

Pretty please?
Anonymous said…
...your mother must be so proud.....
santamaker said…
julie said…
wow! you are a genius! i love it all! i got to get to the dollar store and fast! i would love to know more about the wings! how did you make them or where did you find the supplies! please share!

Blog Buddy said…
Beautiful!!-thanks for inspiring me to decorate and try new ideas too:)
Anonymous said…
Those angel wings are beautiful! I'm an angel collector, which includes wings, and I've never seen such adorable wings. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome ability!
Oh, wow, this is just amazing! So beautiful. My jaw dropped when I saw this.
You ooze talent - looks beautiful!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE following your blog - you are so talented...before I thought of asking you to make me the wings, I posted your blog on etsy and someone is making me the wings (I am NOT handy) question - are you will to sell the window behind the wings...I think the display is the most beautiful art I have seen in a while! If interested, contact me at You are SOOOO talented!!!
Kate and Oli said…
so pretty!!!

i stumbled across your blog and love it! just wanted to say hi!

xo, katie
Kate and Oli said…
you are really talented! love those wings!

i stumbled across your blog and love it! just wanted to say hi!

xo, katie
Paige said…
I would be interested in purchasing a pair of wings if you would sell.
Mitzi Curi said…
OK, as soon as I calm down, I'm going to the dollar store to get me some trees! seriously, your wings are truly fabulous art, and the star of this year's DIY blog projects. Congratulations on your gallery showing, it is much deserved.
Jodie | Velour said…
These are FANTASTIC! Stunning, really. I would love to make some. Would you mind sharing what materials you used? Now that I've seen them, I NEED a pair of my own. :)

Your entire vignette is SO creative and quite beautiful! Congratulations on the downtown gig. That's wonderful!

jydardeau at bellsouth dot net
Hi, did you ever post a tutorial on your wings? If so, I missed it. I love them.

Happy New Year,

halohill at wavecable dot com
Anonymous said…
would like to try to make some wings! what material did you start out with??
Pendra said…
So very creative! I too would love to know if you did a tutorial and what materials you used???

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