October 21, 2010

Faux Iron Witches Cauldron

 1 I wanted to add a little ghoul free Halloween fun to our front porch.  I am such a weenie when it comes to anything gory or frightening, in fact I still don’t get why some people like to be scared.  To me fear = no fun!  However, Josh loves Halloween, and I know the kids enjoy it too, so I am trying to do a tasteful version (no severed arms please!)2 I have had this project in my head awhile, and when I ran across this cheap, plastic cauldron ($1) I knew it was perfect.  (I have seen these everywhere now…Wal Mart, Target, etc)  In an effort to stay away from chemicals I did not prime this……but it would have gone so much faster and been easier if I did!  So prime first (if you are not pregnant :))!  The reason being, because the plastic is so slick, it will give the texture something to grip to.  (otherwise you will have to wait a week for it to cure like I did…)  I mixed low voc latex paint, with lots of sand (for texture) and some flour (for glue).  I left it pretty lumpy and used a brush that could be tossed to smear it on.
3 I left it for about a week to harden., then coated it with flat black.  I sponged on small amounts of craft paint in spice brown and gray.  I then drizzled watered down white paint down the sides.4 This witches sign came from the Dollar Tree.  I put some used tea bags on it to stain it and left it for about an hour.
5 I filled the cauldron with newspaper.
6 Then covered it with half of a cut creepy cloth.  (This will make it easier to pick the moss up out of it)
7 And topped that with some Spanish moss (also from the Dollar Tree)
8 Now the fun part: filling it!  I had several ideas of what I wanted to put in it….next year I think I will put either a witches boot or some glittered red Dorothy shoes.  The possibilities are endless, candy, pumpkins, signs, skeletons….
9 Here is the tea stained sign.
10 A peanut butter jar turned jar of spider webs.  I printed it out from here.  (But changed the worms to spider webs)
11 I painted a Dollar Tree pumpkin creamy white, added a crow, a glitter skull, and two spiders.  (All of which I had, but came from the Dollar Tree) The witches brooms came from a thrift store for $1 and Josh painted them black for me.
Easy transformation of a cauldron from inexpensive plastic to rusted, iron.  Looks like a witch made quite a few brews in this one!  And best of all, cute Halloween porch decor for under $5!
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October 20, 2010

Not your Grandma’s Kitty….

 1 Here is a super simple, kid-friendly Halloween project.  You know those ceramic collectable cats everyone had in the 80’s?  I am pretty sure I gave one just like this to my Grandma back in the day……(Love you GG!)
2 I picked up these two felines from a local thrift store for $1, but I have seen similar ones at the dollar store.  Hannah carried them around for two days pretending they were her “pets”.
3 I let her paint them with non-toxic craft paint.  (no primer necessary)
4 Although at first she was very anti-black because she insisted it made them look “mean”…..and wanted to paint them pink instead.
5 Perfect scary Halloween black cats.
6 Let me know if you find some kitties to paint, would love to see the before and afters. :)

October 14, 2010

A Spooky Dining Room

 Dining Halloween 2010 1

In my continued effort of ghoul-free Halloween decorations, I wanted a dramatic dining table and buffet.  Let me be honest, we eat in here less than five times a year….so go having the table covered is not an issue.

Dining Halloween 2010 2

I have had that neat bird cage/shelf thing for awhile.  In fact I am not really sure what it is…it was gold, with an Asian inspired print all over it.  I used it for Hannah’s birthday party to hold cupcakes, and I knew for Halloween I wanted to use it for glittered skulls. 

Dining Halloween 2010 3

I first covered the table in a few packages of grey creepy cloth, and added the urn of white sticks from Christmas. 

Dining Halloween 2010 4

I found these “BOO” letters for $1, and thought I was going to stick them in a jar, when I remembered I had these angels from last Christmas.  I took off the colored robes, the white gowns seem a little more Halloween-ey.

Dining Halloween 2010 5

I am still not crazy about their faces (although I think they suit Halloween far better than Christmas), but I like the hands.  And they hold these letters perfectly! 

Dining Halloween 2010 6

I made these glass cloches, or antique looking apothecary jars.   I was going to put either a small bust or a sea sponge to look like a brain, but opted to print out this.

Dining Halloween 2010 7

When I found this cage, it was missing the shelves.  In a lazy girls attempt to skip the saw, I cut out some thick cardboard to fit in the spaces.

Dining Halloween 2010 8

I covered the cardboard in paper that I dyed and stamped.

Dining Halloween 2010 9

I discovered these glittered skulls at the Dollar Tree last year and love them!  (Ha!  Mostly because trying to contain glitter while crafting is futile, I don’t think HAZMAT could keep it from spreading!!)

Dining Halloween 2010 10

A frightful black cat.  I am going to post a quick little how-to project on these next.

Dining Halloween 2010 11

The dining room buffet.  Mostly a random hodgepodge of things from around the house.

Dining Halloween 2010 12

A birdcage on a candle stick.

Dining Halloween 2010 13

Lots of creepy cloth (Dollar Tree), and a few old books.

Dining Halloween 2010 14 

Dining Halloween 2010 15

A gargoyle who either looks really bored or in deep thought……..he came from the Dollar Tree too.

Dining Halloween 2010 16

The pumpkins I painted with champagne paint.  And another glass cloche with a print out from here.

Dining Halloween 2010 17

More migratory pieces from around the casa…..including a bust from the bedroom, a lantern from the bathroom, and a tray from the kitchen.   The Halloween sign I made last year.

Dining Halloween 2010 18

It’s surprising how many things could fit a Halloween theme when thinking outside the box.  My “theme” is black and white, but I used mostly non-Halloween items, pulling them together with the creepy cloth, pumpkins and the skeleton (keeping it under $3).  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a big impact.

Dining Halloween 2010 19

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October 8, 2010

BOO! A little Halloween decor!

   Halloween Entry (1)  Wow!  It’s hard to believe that it has been 5 weeks since I made a promise of a big blogging comeback!  The day that I wrote the last post, that night I ended up in the ER.  And then on the “don’t do anything but rest plan”.  Not quite bed rest, more like “booty rest”.  It’s been an amazing dose of perspective and gratitude.  One little twist can change your entire outlook and perspective in mere seconds.  All of the small stuff I was sweating was gone.  And believe me when I tell you that sitting on your bum for over a month can make you miss all the little things that once seemed like “chores”.  I took for granted what I used to accomplish in a day.  

Halloween Entry

God delivered me that reality check of what it means “to just want a healthy baby”.  No more worrying about gender,  names or nurseries.  As of this week, we have both been cleared by our Dr, and are blessed to both be healthy.  Sorry to get serious on you….so back to what you came to this blog for….pictures and eye candy.  :)

Halloween Entry (3)

I wanted to take this years Halloween decorations up a notch from last year.  I wanted dark and rich.  An elegant illustration of Edgar Allen Poe’s the Raven.  I found two of these wooden plant stands for $1.49 and had Josh add a coat of oil rubbed bronze.  (the third came off my Christmas “North Pole” mail box)

Halloween Entry (4)

These were the faux silver pumpkins from last year.  My better half added a coat of Rustoleum antique brass to give them a nice rich golden color.

Halloween Entry (5)

The pachyderm planter (or elephant side table) was covered with creepy cloth from the dollar tree!  This stuff rocks!  Instant Halloween drama without the feel of that oogey , messy faux spider web.

Halloween Entry (6)

I found this black urn at a thrift store, it was covered in red glittered poinsettias.  BUT, the inside is one solid piece of Styrofoam, which made it easy to put some giant twigs in.  I covered the Styrofoam with moss, added a few black ravens, and painted pumpkins.

Halloween Entry (7) 

I had seen it similarly done last year, and then the fall Pottery Barn catalogue came out and I love the pumpkins in the urn.

Halloween Entry (8) 

For the entry table, I scoured the house for things I already had.  The long paper filled frame was from Christmas.

Halloween Entry (9) 

The framed silhouette was out of the guest room.  (A local antique dealer liquidates her stock twice a year, and I scored it for $1)

Halloween Entry (10)

The mirror is the only (new to me) purchase.  It was a cheap tacky plastic gold, and I added a black glaze.  When I found it (for $3) I thought I wanted to do an elegant version of a “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”  theme for Halloween.  With gilded apples, crowns and masks…maybe next year.  :) 

Halloween Entry (11)

The typewriter is still on loan from my Mom (although I have filed for adoption :))

Halloween Entry (12) 

I dyed some white printer paper with coffee and printed out Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

Halloween Entry (13)

I made this little glass cloche (actually three of them), and printed out this vintage print from the Graphics Fairy.

Halloween Entry (14) 

The birdcage ($1) and the sign hanger ($1.50) I have had for awhile, with good intentions of using them for other projects.  I added a black glaze to the gold birdcage, and angled a stick in with two more black birds.

Halloween Entry (15) 

The ball and chain I borrowed from Josh (kidding… :) ……although I did think it was funny to wrap it up and give it to him as a gift)  I found it in the garden section of Hobby Lobby a few years ago, and it’s HEAVY!

Halloween Entry (16) 

My brother gave me this cool, old violin he picked up from an estate sale.  Thanks Uncle Tate!!

Halloween Entry (17)

I have missed all of you sweet, blogging friends!  Thank you for your comments and emails!  I am looking forward to getting back to blogging, and I have lots of fall and Halloween projects to show you!

Halloween Entry (18)