BOO! A little Halloween decor!

   Halloween Entry (1)  Wow!  It’s hard to believe that it has been 5 weeks since I made a promise of a big blogging comeback!  The day that I wrote the last post, that night I ended up in the ER.  And then on the “don’t do anything but rest plan”.  Not quite bed rest, more like “booty rest”.  It’s been an amazing dose of perspective and gratitude.  One little twist can change your entire outlook and perspective in mere seconds.  All of the small stuff I was sweating was gone.  And believe me when I tell you that sitting on your bum for over a month can make you miss all the little things that once seemed like “chores”.  I took for granted what I used to accomplish in a day.  

Halloween Entry

God delivered me that reality check of what it means “to just want a healthy baby”.  No more worrying about gender,  names or nurseries.  As of this week, we have both been cleared by our Dr, and are blessed to both be healthy.  Sorry to get serious on you….so back to what you came to this blog for….pictures and eye candy.  :)

Halloween Entry (3)

I wanted to take this years Halloween decorations up a notch from last year.  I wanted dark and rich.  An elegant illustration of Edgar Allen Poe’s the Raven.  I found two of these wooden plant stands for $1.49 and had Josh add a coat of oil rubbed bronze.  (the third came off my Christmas “North Pole” mail box)

Halloween Entry (4)

These were the faux silver pumpkins from last year.  My better half added a coat of Rustoleum antique brass to give them a nice rich golden color.

Halloween Entry (5)

The pachyderm planter (or elephant side table) was covered with creepy cloth from the dollar tree!  This stuff rocks!  Instant Halloween drama without the feel of that oogey , messy faux spider web.

Halloween Entry (6)

I found this black urn at a thrift store, it was covered in red glittered poinsettias.  BUT, the inside is one solid piece of Styrofoam, which made it easy to put some giant twigs in.  I covered the Styrofoam with moss, added a few black ravens, and painted pumpkins.

Halloween Entry (7) 

I had seen it similarly done last year, and then the fall Pottery Barn catalogue came out and I love the pumpkins in the urn.

Halloween Entry (8) 

For the entry table, I scoured the house for things I already had.  The long paper filled frame was from Christmas.

Halloween Entry (9) 

The framed silhouette was out of the guest room.  (A local antique dealer liquidates her stock twice a year, and I scored it for $1)

Halloween Entry (10)

The mirror is the only (new to me) purchase.  It was a cheap tacky plastic gold, and I added a black glaze.  When I found it (for $3) I thought I wanted to do an elegant version of a “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”  theme for Halloween.  With gilded apples, crowns and masks…maybe next year.  :) 

Halloween Entry (11)

The typewriter is still on loan from my Mom (although I have filed for adoption :))

Halloween Entry (12) 

I dyed some white printer paper with coffee and printed out Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

Halloween Entry (13)

I made this little glass cloche (actually three of them), and printed out this vintage print from the Graphics Fairy.

Halloween Entry (14) 

The birdcage ($1) and the sign hanger ($1.50) I have had for awhile, with good intentions of using them for other projects.  I added a black glaze to the gold birdcage, and angled a stick in with two more black birds.

Halloween Entry (15) 

The ball and chain I borrowed from Josh (kidding… :) ……although I did think it was funny to wrap it up and give it to him as a gift)  I found it in the garden section of Hobby Lobby a few years ago, and it’s HEAVY!

Halloween Entry (16) 

My brother gave me this cool, old violin he picked up from an estate sale.  Thanks Uncle Tate!!

Halloween Entry (17)

I have missed all of you sweet, blogging friends!  Thank you for your comments and emails!  I am looking forward to getting back to blogging, and I have lots of fall and Halloween projects to show you!

Halloween Entry (18)


Glad your doing better! Booty rest can be hard. I LOVE your decorations!!!! I can definitely tell your an artist, awesomeness :)
wow!!! your place is breathtaking! Glad to hear that everything is going well. Sorry to hear you had to be on bedrest for a bit.
Blue Creek Home said…
First of all, let me say that I am glad that you and little one are well. I know that you are relieved and very thankful.
As usual, you have managed to create a 'magazine worthy' vignette! Everything looks spookily sohpisticated!!!

Frugal Jen said…
Looks wonderful! I just love your design style.

I was on bedrest for 12 weeks... the longest time of my life. Yes I too missed the daily chores. When are you due? I will be praying for you and the little one.
I'm glad you have returned and that you and the baby are fine.

Lovin' the EAP theme you have working this Halloween...again, check out my homage to you for your angel wings you created. You really inspired me :)
Heather said…
I am just lovin' the decorations. Everything you do is so pretty. I love to sit in the evenings with my cup o'coffee and browse through your blog. Hope you are back on your feet and feeling 100% soon.
Heather H
julie said…
so funny! i was going through my favorite blogs and was missing you because i knew you would have fabulous halloween ideas! and here you are! congratulations! so glad that you and baby are doing well! glad you are back! cant wait to see all your wonderful ideas!

ps. we have a couple of tates in our family too! love that name!
HouseMama said…
So glad to know you're feeling better. Fabulous Halloween decor!
Terrell said…
I'm so happy to hear that you're all doing well!! That is such a blessing and I can't wait to see that darling new baby! I looove your Halloween style you went with! I mean I love all of your decor, always, but this is amazing! Take it easy, sweets!
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~
Zoey said…
Great Halloween style!

What a creative idea with that old typewriter and the Raven poem! I may have to copy that one - of course, if I do I will certainly give you the credit with a link to your blog.
citygirl said…
Glad you're back; your creative touch is my favorite blog. What you do with your Dollar Tree finds is AMAZING!
Looks fantastic!! Hope you and baby are doing well!
Bridget Wilson said…
This is such a lovely post,,, Decorating for the halloween is really a fun activity and in fact this is my favorite! This year, I'm looking for some unique and spooky Halloween decorations that will freak my kids out. LOL. Thanks for sharing your ideas...

Cheers and happy halloween!
Mary Alice said…
I came across your post while doing a google search for EAP-themed decorating. I am filling my living room shelves with this theme. And like you, I borrowed an old typewriter from my Mom. LOL. Thank God for Mom's who have cool stuff we can borrow!

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