Pretty Spooky Halloween Decor

I must admit, I am not really a Halloween girl. I like decorating for fall, and LOVE decorating for Christmas. Halloween is just a little too spooky to me (I don't even watch scary movies.) However, my husband is Mr. Halloween, and when he threatened to take over the Halloween decorating, with visions of goblins and ghouls, I quickly vetoed and took it over myself.

I have had this pic in my idea file for two years, just love the entire look.
Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart.

I got a few inexpensive faux pumpkins at Walmart and spray painted them.
Martha's leaves were made out of green taffeta, but to mimic it I painted some old faux ivy with a green metallic paint. I also spray painted some fake berries that came out of an arrangement I was given.

The sign came from the Dollar Tree, but received a mini makeover with scrapbook paper ,paint and tulle.

I used things I had around the house to pull the look together, two urns, a cake stand, books, jars and a tray.
Cute, but needed something else.

So I took down the painting that resides there year round. I had a large bunch of sticks/twigs in the garage from a neighbor who cut a tree down. I hot glued a bunch of them together and then spray painted it black.

A closeup.

I would have loved to have done the stick candy, and candy corn, ala Martha, but that would just be asking to have the cute little jars broken, so I opted for a glitter skull and spider instead.

Another pic of the topiary.

Some Dollar Tree candles and western studs. (Got the idea from this cool chick)
The ravens came from the dollar store as well.

Another skull in a cheese dome.
The skulls are a huge stretch for me, but I am try to meet in the middle (and avoid having a life sized vampire doll in my house).

The last one in our dining room.
Martha has an online tutorial for how to make these, but I went the easy route and got them at the dollar store. Horchow sells them for $30.

Hope you are all having a great Sunday!
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And the DIY Showoff


Charlotte said…
LOVE the Twig Web! Better than "martha's"! Great job!
Ditto on the twig web! Great look! I love the boo candles also!

Tara said…
Girl, you are a better woman than I. I am not a fan of spooky decorations either. My husband would decorate it up for Halloween if I let him too. Like the pumpkins and the twig web, but couldn't do the skulls!
Blue Creek Home said…
You just amaze me!!!
To go from not really liking Halloween to a table that looks like that is incredible. I think your table looks better than Marthas.
SO COOL! I'm not a Halloween decorator either but couldn't resist one little vignette. Yours looks awesome! Love all of the details and colors! Spooky. That wall art is amazing! GREAT job!

Thanks for joining the Fall Festival!!!

Have a great week!
I think you are Martha Stewart Jr.! Your decorations look awesome! I love the twig wallhanging. Everything looks great! You are so creative. Thanks for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!
Shiver me timbers--those skulls creep me out. But I do like the ravens!
Wow, this is wonderful!

I love decorating for Halloween but I do whimsical as I also don't care for really scarey stuff.

SusanD said…
I'm not big on Halloween either. You did a great job. Not over the top on the "Halloween" theme. Very well done. Blessings, SusanD
Janean said…
Your pumpkin-scape looks better than Martha's (sorry Martha)!
Sherri S said…
I love the twigs together and painted! Now that is an AWESOME DIY!
Martha said…
I am impressed. Really good for someone who doesn't like Halloween decorating! Greaat great job -- and I do like the sticks!
DeeDee said…
Wow you did a awesome job..I love the skulls in the jars...very did halloween pretty darned good....I love the twig wall art too..
Very clever. You amaze me with your ideas. I love the idea of painting the orange pumpkins silver. Your stuff is all very cute.
Red Writing said…
SO GREAT!! Your hubby oughta be one happy man! That's the most beautiful and tasteful Halloween decor I have ever seen. Especially love the web replacing the painting and I will be copying your silver tray with chalkboard in the center--love it. Boo to you!
Annette said…
Ohh it is all gorgeous! You Halloween decor is so elegant. That is so funny, I was just at the Dollar Tree Today and saw those skulls and thought they would look great glittered. But I am not crazy about skulls either, so I just decided to glitter pumpkins and gourds.
Jenn said…
NICELY DONE!!! I am sooo not into Halloween either, but THIS I like! :)
Bravo for meeting your husband in the middle. I LOVE the silver pumpkins. I have been to a few houses lately that have been very sparse. I asked myself where is their stuff? How refreshing to visit you and see that you have stuff...and put togher so nicely. Our Hannah Banana is older then yours. Her name, which means grace, reminds me everyday of the blessing of grace. Good name choice. Don't you think?!
Sarah said…
Woah, that stick thing is insane!!! It must have taken you so long to glue together...totally worth the effort though, so interesting. I'm a sucker for anything metallic, so I love those pumpkins!!!

I don't really do Halloween decor either, I just stick to general fall;) Love how you made it work for you, its still simple and elegant, great job!
Very cool! I like all of it but the stick web is very interesting. I just might have to see if I can copy you!! Thanks!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Your house is BEAUTIFUL! I love love love it! The Halloween stuff is so great!

Im going to add you as a follower because I am so inspired! Thanks again for commenting.
...I meant to say, I am going to follow your blog...haha...silly me.
Wow - that's what I call a stylish Halloween decoration. Really inspiring! Must follow you ;-)
Kellie Collis said…
SOme great ideas! Shame we dont celebrate this the same way in Australia! x
Kammy said…
Classy Scary !!!!
Lynette said…
Love the Halloween look - you did an incredible job!

I'm so glad you found me so I could find you!! Lovin' your blog so far - will have to come back when I have lots of time so I can get more ideas - just got a peak at your backyard and am dying to take a tour!

Come back to visit me anytime -
4Hoffman's said…
SUPER CUTE!! LOVE IT!! I'm ready to get unpacked in my new house so I can pull out the Halloween decor!!
I don't even know how to begin to tell you how awesome it is! My kids would love this.
AnneYarbs79 said…
So the twigs live on! Whoo-hoo- cracking up! They DO look perfect there though!
Sunny said…
You guys are like us about Halloween - Mr loves it and I'm just not in to all the spookification! LOL I don't like being scared and I've never, even as a kid, liked people being dressed up. As close as I want to be to a costumed person is sitting in the audience of a Broadway show! HA!
Dallas Shaw said…
thanks for stopping by- this will be my first year decorating...
~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said…
Very nice display. You have given me some ideas, which I really needed. Thanks~Ahrisha ~
Angie said…
Great decorations!! The candles with the tacks spelling out BOO- Was it Lemonade Makin' Mamma's sight you saw them on? I've got her blog button on my blog if you want to check and see if that was it. ;)
{ L } said…
Oh, those boo candles are perfect!! Great decorating. :) I'm SO with you on loving to decorate for Fall and Christmas but not big on Halloween...I can't watch scary movies either. :-/
the queen said…
looks good enough (or better) to be featured in Martha's magazine. Great job
This is so great! I absolutely love Halloween and you've managed to decorate in a classy way instead of the usual "plastic ghoul" way.

I really like the twig web! I've been seeing a lot of spray painted pumpkins and I'm going to try it out myself - it can work for "Autumn" decor too if you paint them gold.
Love this!!! It is both stunning and many great ideas. When I clicked on the picture and saw that you even painted the spiders, I knew that I would have to give this a try. Just sensational.
♥, Susan
kaylee gotreau said…
Okay, I am amazed at your work! You did a wonderful job of it all!!
very creative, where did you get the chalkboard tray? If you made it, i'd love to know how you did it....
Great Post!!
Jocelyn said…
Oh my gosh I love it! I totally am going to steal some stuff, I am normally not a Halloween gal either, but for some reason this year I am totally wanting to get into it! But in a classy way, I have a baby grand black piano and want to create a Halloween display on it. Thanks for the fab ideas! LOVE it! The silver pumpkins and the twig thing background, so crafty and fabulous
Kim said…
Absolutely LOVE the pumpkins! For a girl who doesn't decorate for Halloween I would say you nailed it! I don't necessarily decorate for Halloween either but do love decorating for Fall. Very cute stuff girl!
Anonymous said…
I love your pumpkins! I also love what you did to the dollar sign. would you mind sharing with me what you used for the font?

pretty*pink*rat said…
Oh my this is fabulous!! I love the fall season more too, but decorating like this for Halloween looks like so much fun! Bravo on keeping scary classy!

And thanks for stopping by and commenting! It makes my day!
Erica said…
Hey - Thanks for leaving me a comment! I'm so not the Halloween type either, you did a great job making everything look really classy:) I love the twig web, that turned out great and the painted pumpkins, love me some painted pumpkins!
Erica @
Oonafey said…
Wow! Everything you did looks amazing!! You really have a gift.
Kelly said…
That really looks amazing! It totally inspires me to get off my butt and do some fall/halloween decorating!
Erin said…
I love it! I'm not a spooky kinda girl either (about as spooky as I get is Disney's "Hocus Pocus") so I'm a huge fan of your decor here.
Julie said…
Wow! Everything you did looks wonderful....Love it all...
I am so with you about the not really being into Halloween thing. Don't get me wrong I adore holidays and all the decorating and celebrating that comes along with them, but I hate creepy scary things. I don't watch scary movies either. LOVE you display!! I am going to spray paint pumpkins silver too. I saw on some blog where she splattered brown paint over the silver to give it an aged mercury glass effect. Hugs! Britt
Kitty said…
I just love this adorable Halloween decoration so much!! Pumpkins are looking so nice!!
Joy said…
Very cute decorations. Love the apothecary jars with skulls and the boo candles.
Symone's Mommy said…
WAY better than Martha;s! LOVE IT!
Lori said…
I love Halloween. I look forward to decorating and being creative all year. Your decorations look great! Lori
Ali said…
Awesome! I love the twig web and the silver pumpkins and the candles....and the whole display! You did a great job. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for the heirloom party at Marie's. I am just loving exploring your blog!
LG said…
This really looks amazing! GREAT job! Now I am inspired! Thanks for the great post!
Barb said…
You go girl!!

That twig sprayed black!
barbara jean
I finished posting some of my Halloween decor and you are listed in my post as being an inspiration for me. You are awesome. Check it out!
Girly Stuff said…
I love it! I saw some glitter skulls at Homegoods last week. Now that I know they can go in a dome...what's stopping me??
HouseMama said…
Eeeew! Spiders!!!!
But glittered spiders??? I might have to make me some of those. :)
Very cute decorations - thank you for giving me some more ideas.
Hey! Just wanted to let you know I gave you a shout out! Pop over and grab a button! :)

Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

Halo Hill said…
I -LOVE- the twig idea! Awesome!

Oh I love the hot glued twigs! I've got a light-colored wall at the back of where I put my cemetery that would benefit from something like that! If I get over being lazy and decide to do it, I'll link back! :-)

I'm not big on decorating for xmas (that's the hubby's dept), but I LOVE Halloween!

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