Painted Formica Counter Tops Part Deux

When we moved in I was right at home in my new studio.

But the orange cabinets and white formica counter tops had to go.

So what is a girl on a budget to do?? Paint them!!

Here it the best "before" I have:

(What can I say, Hannah likes rich fabrics like her Mommy)

I taped, and laid newspaper everywhere, then spray painted grey primer.
Let it dry.
Then used Rustoleum's stone spray in Mineral Brown. It has an amazing texture. (It sounds kind of crazy when it splatters the surface)

("Ahhhhh, much better")

A closeup.
After the stone spray was dry, I used an old toothbrush and splattered antique gold randomly.
Then sealed it with 3 coats polyurethane in high gloss. There are lots of sites out there that claim to properly seal the surface you have to use marine varnish, or a sealant that is used for restaurant bars. If you will apply multiple thick coats of poly and let them thoroughly dry between it will be very durable. And remember, the higher the sheen the harder it will cure.

I am pretty rough on counter tops, always doing some sort of project (painting, sewing, cutting, gluing), and they have held up. I wouldn't try put something super hot or sharp on here, though.

A few more afters:

(plan on reupholstering the chair soon with a tutorial)

Also, more to come on how I refinished the cabinets.


Very cool!! How long have you had it so far? You say it has held up well? I love that you added texture and not just color!
Ren said…
Your countertops look wonderful! I have been mulling over painting mine, so I really appreciate that you shared how you did it. Very good instructions! Thanks, Ren
Jenn said…
Absolutely gorgeous! I am totally inspired to paint my ugly, NOW! :)
Anonymous said…
That is amazing! They look great. It's nice to know that is an option.
pk @ room remix
Katie said…
I love that you added actual texture rathering than just trying to paint it to look like texture.
Astrid said…
Spray paint? Really??? That's totally awesome! Love your countertops and cabinets!
Nice! I like these countertops too, but your cabinets blew me away. They are gorgeous!
Proper Prim said…
Wow... amazing job... I so want to do this to my kitchen counter... I am such a chicken... thanks for sharing... maybe it will give me the kick I need...
Sunny said…
You are one hard worker on these projects! I just look at them and think how long that must've taken. It looks like it comes easy to you! Great job!
The Maxfield's said…
I stumbled across your blog through a series of others and just have to say WOW! Your work is amazing and it is everything I want my home to be someday. Thank you for the inspiration! By the way...the Nelson Mandella quote has been my favorite for a long time too!
Britt said…
Wow - I am seriously impressed with this! It looks so great!
Songbirdtiff said…
Wow! This is an incredible transformation. I think it's great that you posted pictures and products. Hopefully it will inspire someone else to be brave.

Thank you for coming by!
Gutsy girl, spray painting your counters. I have laminate counters as well and I paint EVERYTHING, but when I think about painting them, I dismiss it. Yours look fantastic...maybe I'll try it...
Tara said…
KUDDOS girl! That looks awesome.
Melis said…
So, I totally stumbled across your blog by reading your comment on Thrifty Decor Chick... You are so stinkin' talented!!! And have inspired me!!! I have painted & distressed my kitchen cabinets & have always wanted to replace my formica, but it's just not in the budget right now. My question is, would you do this in the kitchen/is this your kitchen {it looks like it might not be from the kitchen makeover post}? If you don't mind, I'd love to know your thoughts on that. My email address is rmiles21{at}yahoo{dot}com. Thanks tons!

Your neighbor
{on Frisco/McKinney border},
Melis ;)
Melis said…
So, I just re-read & saw that this is your studio. ;) I would still like to know what your thoughts are on doing this in the kitchen, though, if you don't mind...
Sara said…
I am seriously in awe! (thanks for your comment btw) I have to pull myself away from your blog because my husband is getting jealous! I'll be back tomorrow to check everything else out. You have serious talent and great taste!! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Mural Maker said…
very, very cool. love that you spray-painted the counters. I always get a tad impatient when spraying and get drips. your tip on starting off the surface makes so much sense.
and, the cabinets are just way too cool.
Love this, I have done it once for a young couple and they loved it. Thanks for visiting and honoring the queen, I hope you visit again soon. You have a great blog.
Jennifer said…
Simply gorgeous. I love how you transformed you counter top with just a bit a paint and some creativity!!!
I love it! It looks so high end. Great job. And I love the way you redid the cabinets too.
alang said…
I really like you countertops, but I really love your cabinets can you let me know what was the paint colors you used and how you did them. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Wow! I just found your blog yesterday and had to comeback and finish reading it today. You have amazing talent! I love your makeovers. I will be back often to get ideas, who knows, one day I might be brave enough to try one!
Thanks for sharing!
from Oklahoma
Emily said…
Your projects are amazing! I am interested in finding out if you did the fronts of this cabinet yourself? If so, can you tell me how or point me in the direction of a posting? I have many wooden things to be redone and I love the look of this!
somedaycrafts said…
Those are NOT the same countertops or cabinets. I don't believe it! They look amazing. I want a kitchen makeover by you!!!
Michelle said…
WOW..what a transformation! I love the new look!

Gorgeous! Absolutely! Love the cabinets, too.
~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said…
You did an amazing job on both the counter and cabinets. Love the color of the cabinets.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~
Simply amazing!!! I would love to do this to my kitchen counters. But I'm just a big chicken...that and my kids would probably destroy them...boys! LOL I truly love yours. great job!
Anonymous said…
I did a similar thing in a small bathroom that my teenage son used. The original countertop was "harvest gold". I primed with Kilz, and painted it white, because it was the only leftover paint I had. After 5 years of teenager use, I noticed a little wear at the cornes, and just repainted. I never even used a sealer. I did use semi-gloss. Now I'm inspired to use spray paint! I'm amazed at how well it all held up! Hey, if it is already ugly, might as well go for it!!!
Shelia said…
Your countertops looks great! That's just amazing!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)
Julie said…
That is amazing! They look great...Love the color of the cabinets
Denise said…
Okay, enough already! It is not a good thing that I found your blog on the day I have to get my house cleaned! You are inspiring me to be creative when I really must stick to the basics. hehehe I really cannot paint cabinets today! Love them!
Anonymous said…
on your cabinets that you spray painted mineral brown did you add any other color before you used the toothbrush and added the gold? I am doing my bathroom cabinets and yours are beautiful. Your Tx neighbor, Stacey
JAMIE said…
how many coats of "Stone" did you spray? I am testing this out on my countertop, and I did a reddish brown basecoat primer, and then the brown. The bottom coat does definitely show through, so I'm wondering where yours was gray, how much you had to spray to get that deep of a color, and is there a lot of color variation due to the primer?

Also, how did you splatter the paint? What kind of antique gold did you use? A craft paint?

Thanks so much for your help! Your blog has made a change possible for me!

Can you email me?
Edward said…
Wholesale cabinets are a great option for homeowners who are looking for a quick way to update their home before the holidays.
I am trying to give a new face to my rental apartament kitchen! It is so boring! Therefore, I loved this style and color you made your cabintes and I want to stone paint as well. Could you detail the colors you used and if you sealed them afterwards?
You can email me at:

I appreciate your help!
And you did a great job!

Thank you again,
great idea! I definitely think I am going to try this - thanks for sharing!

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