A Halloween Topiary

I found this topiary tree at a thrift store for $3 awhile back. When I saw it, I knew what it was destined for, a theme tree. (Don't laugh, Mom)

I took all the ivy off, and spray painted it black. I brushed the edges with silver craft paint.

$4 worth of Dollar store spiders

A little primer, and silver spray paint.

I painted some of the leaves with metallic green paint.

I pushed the spiders and webs into the topiary, so they would stick.

I grouped the leaves, and berries (project to come soon), and pushed them between the grapevine as well.


Love the themed tree and I love that you didn't go traditional and use orange. Very creative.
Anonymous said…
That is absolutely darling! The fact that you did it in "non" fall colors was so creative. Positively fabulous. Jackie
Anny said…
How clever of you - it looks amazing!
Michelle said…
Love the silver spiders!

susan said…
Using the silver was so creative-I love it! I wonder how many coats of spray paint you can put on this tree?--you could change it for every holiday :)
That is sooo creative! Great job! I'm not a big fan of Halloween decor but that is just so cute!

Thanks for adding your post and participating in the Fall Festival! :)

It looks simply amazing!!
Room to Inspire said…
Looks great, perfect for Halloween...and I love the cost!

Jane said…
Very cool idea...it's a theme tree but very classy and not over the top! I loved it!
AnneYarbs79 said…
When did you make this? Today? Remind me to tell you about the Halloween Superstore silliness! xoxo
Symone's Mommy said…
Only you could make Halloween fabulous!
What a great idea - I love it!
I love this! I think it looks great!
Julie said…
It turned out great...I am having a give a way over at my place hope you can stop over...
I do themed trees all year long. It is so fun. Come over and take a look around. I think my trees are posted a couple of posts down.

I hope you will come by for a visit.

Its So Very Cheri
This is great. I'm lovin' everything you post girlfriend! You have some fantastic skills.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I am so glad you did because I was able to go to your blog. You blow me away, such talent and wonderful ideas. I especially love your spider tree...great use of resources. I am all about making something new out of something old.

Would you mind if I mentioned this project on my blog? I will make sure to include a link back to your blog.
God, HOW I love creative people!!
Such a smart redo of the tree! LOVE how you did it all, but my very favorite thing is the spray-painted greenery. I love the color you chose, and the effect is so pretty (yet spooky). Nice!

I'll definitely link on Dollar Store Crafts soon!
Barb said…
very cute and another great idea.
You and i would be in creative heaven together!!

barbara jean
Erika said…
I love it. Great job.

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