Metallic Pumpkin Topiaries

I bought these on super-duper Hobby Lobby clearance two years ago right before Thanksgiving. I suppose if they start putting Thanksgiving decor out in April, it's acceptable for them to clearance them out before the actual Thanksgiving holiday. I guess to make room for Easter I alone in thinking this is a little crazy?
Here is the before.

They are a bit much, even for this huge Longhorn fan!
I have never loved them, and they don't really fit my decor, I just bought them because it was our first time to host Thanksgiving dinner and I wanted it to look festive.
They are bright orange, a color not found in nature.
So I decided to give them a little makeover.

I took them apart, pulled everything out.
I glazed everything with a coat of black first just to make it all darker, and not so eye blinding.

I glazed the pumpkins with burnt umber and then antique gold.

The urns got a little sponge bath with burnt umber. I made super runny white glaze and let it drip down. Patted down the excess with a paper towel. Gives it a nice weathered aged appearance.

The mini pumpkins were painted a champagne and gold.
The leaves were glazed with copper.

The pine cones and berries were brushed with titanium gold.

I put it all back together, and hot glued anything I thought might move.
Here is the after. What do you think?
I am not so sure I love all the "extra stuff". Are the leaves and filler to much?
Should I just stick to urns and pumpkins?

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JobandBrittany said…
i've got to buy some pumpkins!! everyones beautiful pumpkin project are making me jealous.

i host a goodwill party every week, stop by and link up! :)
Shannon said…
Those are so cute! I cant wait to roll out the pumpkins!
Anne said…
I think they look great! Very elegant (and much better than the bright orange).
Love the Decor! said…
Stunning!! Great transformation!!
I got lucky a couple of weeks ago and found this really neay SILVER pumpkin at TJ Maxx...come on over and take a look at it.

I love these! Much better than the orange!
Sheri said…
ahh much better!!!
AnneYarbs79 said…
Look so much better!! I've got some things for you to distress for me tomorrow, pleeeease!!!!
stefanie said…
so much better!!!!
They look great! I like the height that they give. And all the colors are AWESOME. Can you tell me how you glazed the leaves? Did you use an actual glaze or was it a process? Thanks!!
Annette said…
Those colors are so much prettier than the bright orange now. I just bought some Fall garland from the Dollar Tree that is just too orange and red for my decor so I think I may just glaze the leaves now. Thanks for posting this.
Heidi said…
You were so right about the orange, they look great now. I think they would look even better left unadorned, but I'm not a big fan of the fake flowers, plants etc. What I want to know is this - were you painting all that on a sheet in a room with a beautiful rug underneath? Oh my, I wouldn't dare try to do that in the house. There would be gold paint on everything - a big mess! You're a brave girl!
Come see me sometime.
Have a great weekend.
Heidi - Heart and Home
Room to Inspire said…
Ah, much better. I love the colors.

Keisha Lynn said…
I love the way they turned out! The colors are so nice and classy! I have been peeking in on your blog for a couple of weeks now and I LOVE it! You do an amazing job with all of your projects and decor! Thanks for sharing it all with us!
seriously....I think you need your own TV show!! You are so very creative & everytime I look at a new post of yours I am amazed! Great job!

They look great! I agree that they look better in colors that actually appear in nature. I also threw together a fall centerpiece last year for Thanksgiving dinner but wasn't happy with the result. I think I will try to re-do it using your tips. Thanks!
jrnuerge said…
They look gorgeous!
JR Nuerge
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Less is More said…
hi good day ! nice post you have . about this decoration they are beautiful . this add attraction to our home . it depends only on how you put it or the arrangement in order to fit it in your interiors and theme . like me i have some home and garden decors which i contrast with my garden accessories and garden spinner and they blend perfectly . lovely set up !

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