Painted Formica Counter Tops Part I

We had really plain, white formica counter tops in our pantry.
And, if you know me, you know I am not really into plain.
I have always loved the look of aged copper, that has lovely green patina, and warm brown tones.
After tackling the counter tops in my studio I felt very comfortable painting these.
Pretty boring:
I taped off all the areas to be painted and then protected the floors and cabinets with newspaper.

I used grey primer. The inexpensive, spray kind.

I then used a stencil and some drywall mud, to make a 3D pattern on the back splash.
Very easy, just trowel it on to desired thickness and pull the stencil straight out.

I have also been curious to try the new Fusion spray paint for plastic. It claims to bond directly with all types of plastic. (I used the hammered copper.) Went on amazingly smooth and easy. Took less then a can and a half. T0 get a more uniform hammered metal look, make sure and start outside the surface you plan to spray and continue off the surface. In other words, try not to start spraying in the middle of the surface.

I used a paper towel and smeared green craft paint to look like the aged patina. On the back splash I let it drip down the texture.
Then with an old sock I randomly rubbed raw umber.

Products I used:

I applied two coats of polyurethane (which completely stinks up the house) and let it dry for a few days. A good trick my Dad taught me, (which would go against everything I would have thought....) is to use candles. Not right away (or next to an open can of flammable liquid!!!), but wait a few hours and then light them. The flame eats the vapors. It works, and quickly.
Ta Da:


Girlfriend, you have some mad-artistry-skills! I just LOVE how you've created such a beautiful kitchen by painting and piecing together things. It looks fantastic and I love the Old World charm. Beautiful.
Nancy said…
This is the coolest DIY project I've seen in a looooong time. Way to go!

Jane said…
Amazing! I love seeing things like this.
Jenn said…
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!? Those are GORGEOUS! I am completely inspired!!
Ashley said…
What a great and creative idea! And an awesome use of spray paint I might add! That is just the coolest idea ever! COOL!
Stephanie said…
oh, i would love to try this! what a great idea!
Katie said…
Copper isn't my thing at all, but this is really lovely!! I especially love the 3-D detail.
stefanie said…
they look amazing, the look soooo high end, great job
Anonymous said…
that is beautiful!
Oh, wow! They look beautiful~what vision you had with these!
Gorgeous! I'm sure you've inspired a lot of people with formica countertops to know that they can paint them ~ and have a great looking outcome!
4Hoffman's said…
That is GORGEOUS!! And gives me some hope that maybe I can CHANGE my new forest green formica in my new house!! I'd be so scared though I would mess it up! We'll see...
Proper Prim said…
Oh you are killing me... this is so gorgeous now I want to do mine for sure... I love the copper and the raised effect... ABSOLUTELY STUNNING... thanks for the inspiration.
Lee Laurie said…
I was just wondering yesterday if I could paint my old formica counter tops. I had planned to look it up and didn't have time. So, this morning I come to your blog and look what you posted about! I'm so excited! I'm ready to get started! Thanks!
Brie said…
Those look amazing! I've always wanted a copper backsplash but couldn't afford it, but now you have the gears turning in my head.

Brie @ For Such A Time As This
WOW. That is impressive on many levels! It makes me want to do it, myself!
Holy crap! Who knew this was even possible??? I wonder how it will wear? I'm so curious to wait and see! My neighbor has an awesome copper table from Arhaus Furniture I'm in love with...this looks just like it!
MandyMoo said…
i wish I had some formica to paint!
Nice job :)
Wow! These look great! You have a great eye for faux finishes. Please keep sharing your secrets!
Diana said…
This is great looking! You did a fantastic job.

Hop over
Whitney said…
I had no clue that was even possible. Thank for sharing. It looks awesom!
They look beautiful! Great job! You are very talented.
Nancy said…
Hi Alyshia, What a great change you did!!! I love it! I really love the fact that you showed us how to do it! Great for us DIYers

Thank you so much for stopping by Southern Lady this week. I am in TN. So from one southern gal to the other...."howdy ma'am"
I hope you'll come back and visit with me again! I will add you to my links page! Nancy~Southern Lady
Jacque said…
Hi...came to your blog vis The Shabby Chic cottage. I also have painted formica countertops ONLY done to faux granite. If you would like to see mine, come on over for a visit at

While you are there, check out my archives for other things that I have done to makeover our farmhouse.

I am going to go back and read some of yours. I am glad that I found your blog.

THanks for sharing that technique. I am going to give it a try FOR SURE. I wouldn't have thought to use spray paint!!

Have a great blogging week!
oh my goodness!! wow!! love it!! thanks for the candle trick too!1 we are fixing up our house and that will really help!! I hope you have a great night!! hugs!! Britt :-)
HouseMama said…
Oh I love it - I wish I had some boring countertops to paint. They turned out beautifully.
Bridget said…
I LOVE your copper countertops! Tell me waited to paint the green until the copper dried, right? What colors of craft paint did you use? I have two vanities I want to paint, so I'm looking for as many ideas as I can find! Yours is absolutely fantastic!
This is fabulous! I love copper and wanted to put it in our kitchen.

Was the raw umber that you used a stain or a paint? I did not see it among your products.

Thank you so much for posting this = genius. Cannot wait to read the tutorial on the distressed cabinets from your studio. :)

Scam are flying everywhere nowadays so we should be extra vigilant about it. Formica Countertops
Jan Curling said…
I'm going to paint my countertops aged copper this winter. I cook practically every day. How do you clean/sanitize the surfaces? Is the backsplash stenciling holding up?

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