Burlap Wine Cozy

I saw this post from Layla, awhile back and it got my wheels spinning.
Not one to let the giant burlap bandwagon pass me by, I thought I would jump on.
We had a party a few weeks ago, and I thought this glass jug was to pretty to be recycled.
I really think this would make a beautiful Christmas or hostess gift (On a full, regular bottle of wine). And for non-drinkers, what about a covered bell jar with dry recipe ingredients, or a hot-coco mix.

Only the finest wines for our friends. :)
(Actually if you mix it with half club soda and fresh fruit it isn't bad and will serve a lot of guests (obviously))

Took the label off.

I made patterns with newspaper. First I traced the bottom, went about an inch outside the diameter.
Then wrapped it around the circumference. Allowed extra for the seam, and made it taller on top, because I wanted to fold it over.

One of my very best friends moved back to Denmark a few years ago, and she taught me this before she left. "Jeg elsker dig". It means "I love you" in Danish.
I wanted something fun to remind me of her.
I made a template for a stencil like I did here.

Used an x-acto knife to cut it out.

Centered it and used a dry sponge brush with a small amount of black paint on it.
It would have been perfect if I had left well enough alone, but I got overzealous and went back a second time in the middle. Oh, well. I think once would make it look much more nice and faded.

Keeping the painted part on the outside, I glued around the circular bottom.

After the bottom was attached, I glued a seam (towards the inside)
I officially had burned my fingerprints off at this point, because I failed to recognize just how thin burlap is.

It still needed a little something extra. So I found some vintage scrapbook paper, and card stock. Also, it wasn't quite complete without a monogram, love the clear stamp. (Random, impulse, clearance purchase from Hobby Lobby)

I had some giant eyelets left over, and thought it would make it look more tag like.

I shredded up some grosgrain, and added some cute numbers.

Also, you will notice, that I glued some twine around the top, because I wouldn't want anyone to know it's a screw top :).
Found an old champagne cork that fit perfectly!

I wonder what Carlo Rossi would think of it now??

I am linking up To Reinvented, Trash To Treasures.


I think Carlo Rossi would be wishing he could afford to package his Sangria so fabulously! It looks great. I think the tag adds that extra something special. Love your blog and have added you to my sidebar :).
Lisa Anne said…
Wow another great creation. Great job!!
AnneYarbs79 said…
Okay- so I was going to suggest we make faux French grain sack pillows this Friday- using this same stencil-y plan... Are you in my head??? I can't swing $120 bucks for the real thing- thought we could knock out a few during a Dora marathon.
That is a great idea! Love the look. We don't drink, but maybe I can find something at my favorite Goodwill. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you'll be back.
Condo Blues said…
I like the look of going over the stencil a second time with paint. It looks less perfect and more vintage. Love!
{ L } said…
Wow, that is one big and gorgeous ring you have. :)

This is a project I would love to completely copy! I think every part of it is perfect. You did an incredible job with that stencil. Thank you for sharing.
Gail said…
WOW, that looks great! Maybe I'll need to try that too. Thanks for sharing how you did it.

Shanty 2 Chic said…
That turned out cute! We LOVE stenciling burlap ~ it makes for a great vintage look! ~Ashley
How cute is that?? Except I'm pretty sure that your friend was teasing you....the literal translation is: "Tastes Like Chicken."

Love it! Love the tag and the stencil you did. I'm thinking of jumping on the burlap band wagon myself and trying a pillow I saw over at Judy from Gracious Southern Living.
Runner Mom said…
How cute are you! And your precious ideas! Love them! Thanks so much for hopping by my blog to visit! I will definitely be back to see what you're up to next. I am going to make some of those monogrammed topiaries for Christmas presents! I am thinking Christmas already!! But, I am pulling out the fall and Halloween stuff!
I'm not sure about Carlo Rossi, but I LOOOVE it! Burlap, is so cool and, well, burlapy. Is that a word?
The Acting Mom said…
Thanks for stopping by! I love the quote on the side of your blog. I'm inspired! I can't wait to explore your blog more!!!
Hi, so nice to "meet" you and discover your blog! That wine cozy is wonderful. I think I'm going to make that as a Christmas gift for a special wine afficianado on my list. Love it and your blog, I'll be following you now. :-)
All the best,
Krystal said…
Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I've browsed through yours and just looove all of your creative ideas!!
Anonymous said…
So cool! Thanks for visiting me on my blog.
Mimi and Tilly said…
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I clicked on your link and the first thing I saw was your quote by Marianne Williamson. I love her book, "Return to Love" and have read it more than once. I have the same quote inside my special notebook. It's something I read and feel lifted by. Your blog is beautiful. Hope you're having a lovely day. Sending smiles.
Tracychele said…
Hi Alyshia! Thanks for stopping by my Grove Park Inn blog today! I know it was long but the Inn is just so wonderful! I love your ideas! Thanks for turning me on to another fabulous and inspiring blog! Have a wonderful day!
Erin said…
What a fantastic project! And thank you so much for your kind words on my latest post. I hope you'll hang around! I know I'll definitely be back here.
anhesty said…
OMG what a great diy! i love it! and i just realized you are a fellow texan! howdy!
anhesty said…
ps. i am following your blog now! follow me!!
Love the Decor! said…
I think you did a splendid job!!
Great creativity!!
Thank you also, for visiting my blog and for your comments. I love your blog and look forward to seeing more your wonderful creativity
Struggler said…
Great job with this! To my eyes, at least, it looks totally genuine.
Nat said…

Nice to meet you.

Thank you for the comment.

I am in love with your fall makeover and plan on making a trip to a few stores to start mine!
Toni said…
Great job! I love the projects I have seen in blogs using burlap. I need to pick some up and start some projects around here! Thanks for sharing!
Very cool project...and 108 followers! You go girl!
I'm loving this idea...you did a great job...thanks for sharing!

Carlo Rossi would be proud!
Robyn said…
This is really neat! Love it!
Brabourne Farm said…
Great use of gorgeous burlap - love it. Also, thanks so much for visiting Brabourne Farm and leaving a lovely comment. Leigh
I just awarded you the Honest Scrap award that was passed along to me. I've really enjoyed your blog, seeing your creations, and getting to know you!
That is great

It looks so simple to build
Lou Cinda said…
Thank you so much for visiting my blog ~ it led me to yours and I LOVE it!! Carlo Rossi would be SO impressed!!! Love your Halloween pumpkins and cloches and the twigs!! too cute!!!

I am a follower!!

Lou Cinda
Morning T said…
I love it- great job and fabulous blog. I'll be back for sure.
Great idea, I'm always looking for ideas for hostess gifts. Love your blog, I will definitely be back for more.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you'll drop in again soon.
jwhitacre said…
Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! And WOW I have just found a new favorite blog...LOVE your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Have a great day!
Room to Inspire said…
I love the project! I was just collecting a few blogs to pass along the Honest Scrap award to and yours was one I was excited about, but I see Miss Mustard Seed has beat me to the punch! Your blog is full of great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Patti said…
Great idea...Stop over to Pandora's Box to see how I decorated a wine bottle yesterday! I love your idea using burlap and might mesh both of ideas for my next hostess gift!
TheReadFam said…
Hey, I just happened across your cute blog today.
You don't happen to live off Hudson Crossing do you? From the pic's you had of your back yard it looks like the neighborhood next to mine.

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