Easy Bay Window Curtains

Our master bedroom is sadly, one of the last rooms to be decorated.
And we have angled ceilings, so it fools the eye to appear to have low ceilings. The walls are only 8 feet tall.
Here is a before look:
(With bolts of fabric all over the bed....nice)
And a look before we bought the house
Bay window hardware is very expensive to have custom made, and take weeks to have special ordered.
So I measured each length of wall the drapes would be on.
Bought two 10' pieces of PVC at 1 1/2" diameter. I also bought three of the 45 degree elbows to hold the PVC together in the angles. The PVC was $1.63 each and the elbows are $0.45 each.
I measured the length I wanted each piece to be again, but subtracted a half inch for every end that would be in an elbow. (So the two inside pieces I subtracted an inch, and the the outsides, that have the finials, I subtracted a half inch)
I marked the PVC, scored it with a box cutter, and snapped it apart.
The brackets and finials, I had found at a thrift store awhile back.
I wanted the look of the wooden rings, but chose shower curtain rings, for their price.
Three rolls at $1.
I sprayed it all with primer, and then with flat black paint.

I then used a dry sponge brush to rub burnt umber across (to mimic a wood grain).
I highlighted the edges with an antique gold. (Same process)

I picked up the fabric for the drapes at a wholesale shop that was going out of business for just $2 a yard (15 yards).
Made simple, straight, drapes with lining.
I used pleating tape to (cheat) give fabulous french pleats. (I need to do another post on the wonders of pleating tape - it is worth it's weight in gold)

I slid the shower curtain rings on the PVC, attached a small cafe ring to the bottom, and used the hooks from the pleating tape to hook it on. I just made sure the part of the shower curtain ring that snaps together is hanging towards the bottom.

The PVC pieces slid easily into the elbows, and I used drywall screws to attach the brackets.

The underneath side of the elbow.

Once they were all put together, I hot glued finials on the end.

It is amazing just how much height they have added to the room, and
the fabric makes it so much warmer and cozier.

This could also easily be done with the wood dowels from the lumber department, just make sure to match the proper diameter elbow.

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Christina said…
Wow! Those look great!
Thanks for visiting my blog! You are a very talented lady! I went back a few posts and I love your kitchen. Our house is on the market and I have those oak cabinets in my kitchen that come off looking like there is orange in them in pictures - I hated that when I saw it, but it doesn't look like that in real life. Love everything you did in yours!
Way to go! You did fabulous!
Wow! You did an amazing job! They look gorgeous!


That's PVC?!? Now that's just down right smart!

Thanks so much for joining in!
OMW! You did a great job! Looks like you had a professional come in and work on the room. :) Thanks for stopping by. :)
anhesty said…
you have a beautiful home! thanks for stopping by my blog! come back soon! i can't wait to see more updates on your home.
The Stitcherbee said…
What a fabulous and frugal solution. It looks great. Custom rods are outrageous, aren't they?
This is awesome - drapery and hardware can get so expensive. Yours look fantastic.
4Hoffman's said…
Those are gorgeous! I may need to borrow you & Anne to help me in my new house! I'm missing some of that creativity! I've got the ideas just not always how to pull it off, and inexpensively!
Ahhhh...such a smart girl! As a decorator, I have always had to go around budgets, and have definitely used both PVC and dowel rods. I love the faux that you used to make them look so convincingly real! The drapes are beautiful. They really do make a huge statement!

I would love to see your footboard over your vanity when it's finished! I am on the lookout now for another great piece for mine.

Thanks for stopping by!
somedaycrafts said…
I love the after pictures. SO classy and elegant! Please come make me some fashionable, cheap drapes!!!!!!
Blue Creek Home said…
Bravo...you are getting a standing ovation over here!!!
The first time I ever saw pvc pipe used for curtain rods was at my OBGYN's office 19 years ago. I didn't believe the girl, so at 8 months pregnant I clumsily stood on the sofa so I could check it out!!! Believe it or not, back then the rage was honking big rods. I used 4" for my den later. It took a lot of hardware to keep those babies up!!!
I am loving yours. Great idea with the shower curtain rings. You totally can't tell!
Do you not totally love getting such a "designer" look for a decent price???
Two things: You need to move your followers gadget up closer to the top, you will notice more followers so much faster. The other thing...I need your email so we can chat! We were meant to be friends! I never find someone with my exact taste, and I just love you already LOL!

email me when you have time at studiom1@bellsouth.net

Sunny said…
That fabric is gorgeous! I cannot believe that it only cost you 30 smackers! And, I have to say that you are a GENIOUS with this idea. I would have never guessed it was PVC. This is one of the best thrifty posts I've ever seen!
you are amazingly talented, girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and when I came over read on down, I am amazed at what you've done. Then when I read about the Man cave, I realized i"ve visited before! Your curtains AND your bathroom look fabulous!

So which part of TX are you in?
AnneYarbs79 said…
Still don't know why I didn't know about this pleating tape sooner... love ya!
Beth said…
You're a genius! I love it. I want to wrap myself in those curtains they look so silky and fabulous. Fantastic!
Grumpy Pants said…
What a great idea! I love this...I'd wish I'd thought of it before I bought the expensive bay window rods. I'll remember that next time. Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way.
It looks great! I just put up curtains in our bay window. I used regular curtain rods and just took the finials off the ends and lined them up carefully to look like one connecting rod.
Britt said…
I love this idea! I've never had a bay window, but if I ever do I will remember this! Thanks for stopping by A Penny Saved and leaving a comment!:)
Vitania said…
incredibly resourceful.. that looks great !! ooh, i am going to follow kathy's lead and go check out your kitchen..:-)
Anny said…
That fabric is so rich and beautiful. Your bed looks sumptious too!
Symone's Mommy said…
Shine...great to meet you today. Will probably spend all night reading your blog to see how you made your house so beautiful. Thanks for the chairs. See you Saturday.
First of all... GET.OUT.
Second of all, thanks for much for stopping by! I'm so glad you found me!
You're so beautiful! Hope to see you around'!
Love it! What a great thrifty option for obtaining a high-style look. Love the projects on this blog!
Thanks for visiting my blog today!

This is just gorgeous... you did a wonderful job on it!

Anonymous said…
I love how the curtains turned out. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
common ground said…
My goodness, I have just been thru the last few posts and you have blown me away with your talent! Your drapes are stunning and your master bath has been incredibly transformed. Great job!!!
You are so talented and clever! I do have custom hardware on my bay window and boy yours looks just as good. Well done!
Love what you do - I can see I have a lot of back reading to catch up and see other great ideas you have - that's how I'm spending this holiday weekend!

Happy Days -

Hello my new friend..you won the giveaway on my blog....so email me with your address and I'll mail the disc hangers to you.....and consider editing your profile to enable the email function so folks can email you, contact you thru your blog.....let me hear from you...

Tara said…
Congrats to you on your big win from sweet Suzanne. She is a jewel and a great bloggy friend. Love your blog. Gonna follow along, hope you won't mind.
Hugs from NE Texas. Have a blessed one.
Diana said…
Too cute!!! You did a great job.

Hop over for a piece of cake with me.
Sarah said…
Woah, great idea. That looks seriously awesome!!
Proper Prim said…
What a great idea... you did a fantastic job on your curtains... and to get that material for 2.00 a yard what a bonus... Looks fabulous
They look great...Love the look..Hope you will stop by and visit my new Christmas blog. There is a great giveaway that ends Monday night...
Genius!! I have a bay window and have been thinking about doing some fabric up there, but didn't want to pay for the hardware. Love it!
$2 a yard ????? What a great deal ! I didn't even know you could paint pvc. Thanks for the tip. I own a drapery workroom and I think you did a great job.
FABULOUS! Thrifty and classy all rolled into one neat package :)

LOVE it.
Elaine said…
OMG you are a genius! I am still soaking it all up - loving your blog girl!! WOWWWWWW!!
Cindy said…
I just looked up "easy bay window curtain" and found this! I LOVE it! It's a great idea. I have been trying to decide what to do with my bay window for a while and may have to try this! I have the curtains just not a rod yet. Hmmm! Thanks!
dining tables said…
This is really a cool idea! I would like to try this one at home. Thanks a lot.

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