Horchow Inspired Art

I was looking to create for art over our pantry door. My Mom jokes that my house is like a tattoo junkie, that has that little bit of bare skin that must be inked in. Bare wall is just a place begging to be decorated.

I have already professed my love of all things Horchow.

So when I saw this, I thought "I can make that"

Photo courtesy of Horchow.com

My Aunt had given me tons of 8" x 10" frames.

I had some 1" x 4" wood laying in the garage


Some canvas paper, cheap alternative to an actual canvas

I painted the wood and frames black.

I just painted very randomly on the canvases. On some I went for a gradient look, some I just added multiple paint on the canvas and blended the edges. I tried to pick intense colors, and colors that can be found in our other artwork in our living room, to tie it together.

I used modge podge to attach the canvases to the frames. And then highlighted the edges in gold.

For the frame, I stapled the pieces together on the back side.

Dad, I know you are looking away at the shame and horror, and tomorrow you will be calling telling me the proper way to do this. But this was a nap time project. Please forgive me.

Then I hot glued the frames to the wood, starting at the outside and working in to keep them even. the middle ones I glued them to the other frames.

Ta Da!!

The dollar store has a great selection of frames that would work great for this project!!

Party time:

And the lovely Shabby Chic Cottage to see more transformations.


LOVE those "I can do that!" moments! Great job!
Very interesting art. I love how you can replicate something that would cost big bucks for very little. Nicely done!
I really like that, a lot ! I'm going to check out some more of your blog.
This is an absolutely wonderful project. It is certainly something complicated to take on and you did a wonderful job.
Room to Inspire said…
Great project...lots of fun!

Amber B. said…
Very cool project! Thanks for the tutorial!
Sheri said…
Wow!! And let me just say that again. WOW!
Sherri S said…
AWESOME! project. I love it! Looks like the 'real deal'. Great job. Thanks for sharing it and the how to.
Nancy said…
You should be very proud! It turned out very well. Good job!

Anny said…
You are so talented - this is a gorgeous piece!
oh amanda said…
Super cool! You made that seem surprisingly easy! Way to go!!
~Country Lady~ said…
WOW!! You have done a fantastic job. Thanks for the tutorial. This is definitely do-able! I appreciate the inspiration. So glad I found your blog.
Kaylee Gotreau said…
found you through Kimba's, wow! I have to say, I am VERY IMPRESSED!!!
You did it!!!!!! Great job!!!!
The McCrays said…
WOW! That looks awesome! Great Job!
Tiffany said…
Stopping by from ASPTL. This is awesome, I like it better than the Horchow!
Maggie Reno said…
Coming from the blog party - This is so amazing. I've tried my hand at painting, let's just say you've got talent!
Anonymous said…
That is gorgeous! I might have to give that a go.
Wow, You are good. What a great project. I love your mix of styles and all the decor on your walls.
I love your blog!
I really like seeing your DIY projects. Your home is very lovely :)

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