Silk Wall Treatment

The furniture in my guest room was given to me by my parents when I was a teenager. My taste has changed a bit since then (I am not so matchy matchy anymore), but because it's so sentimental to me, there is no way I would paint it. (This the only time you will ever hear that phrase from me) I wanted more drama and elegance. I decided to do a floor to ceiling silk wall treatment.

I used batting (not brand or type specific, just went with the lowest bidder), upholstery nail head trim on a roll, and some leftover silk dupioni.

I measured the space, taking into account that the ceiling is angled on the right side. I measured the silk I had and figured out the best direction to run it, to get the most out of it. If you choose to do this with a patterned fabric take into account how much extra you will need to match up the repeat.
I had a little over one roll of upholstery tacks, and didn't want to run out and buy anymore, so I planned the size of my squares according to this. Each roll has 10 yards = 30 ft.

I took the width of my rectangle and then doubled the size of the batting. One layer was not quite enough, and with three layers, the upholstery tacks wouldn't stay in the wall.
I made one seam in the silk and laid it on top of the batting. For the edges I just tucked the raw edge underneath, you could easily sew a seam too!
Holding the silk and batting together I pinned it up to the ceiling and held it in place with push pins.

I used a hammer and tapped in the upholstery nails.
When I came to a corner or an edge I just broke the strip by bending it back and forth.
They brake really easy.

Be careful, the edges of these strips are razor sharp and cut like a knife.


Jenn said…
Gorgeous! I'm a sucker for anything trimmed with nailheads :)
This is stunning!!! Just the perfect solution for your guest room.
Wow--I'm so impressed. This is incredibly gorgeous, and you make it sound so simple! Dupioni silk is my favorite, but I could also see this in my home in a gorgeous brocade. Thanks for the inspiration; the entire blog is fabulous!
Very cool! Nice project, as always.
Dresser Girl said…
I wish I was that creative! VERY cute!!
Carolyn said…
Wow. That looks perfect!
Mandy said…
Very pretty - great impact!
What a cool project! Nice job :)
Absolutely beautiful! You did a lot of work lining up gorgous silk and nailing! Great job! It looks fab-o!!
santamaker said…
Girl, you are very talented and creative! LOVE the wall treatment and I have been checking out your older postings as well. Your home is just beautiful. PS I see the pillow that you have on the bed is the same as the one I used on my porch!
Wow...beautiful and elegant statement. It's gorgeous. I love your ideas and your style!

Thanks so much for adding your inspiring DIY home accent to the DIY Show & Tell!

santamaker said…
Oh, I forgot to say, thanks for asking about my father christmases. I don't know Chelsea, but I'm jealous. I've never been able to grow my business like that. What an honor for her to be associated with Neimann .
{ L } said…
Every new post you write amazes me! How do you think of all these thing?! This is the perfect touch for this room.
I love the silk and love that it covers the entire wall!
Sheri said…
I like this! A lot!
oh amanda said…
OK. That looks super cool! And I love that even with such a big bed, you made a huge "headboard" to give even more height! LOVE IT.
Symone's Mommy said…
Man! You have been one busy bee! Been so busy at work lately just relax when i get home. You have motivated me to get back on my game. TTYS.
Such a beautiful DIY... Its my first, with Pumpkins no less :)

If you get a chance please stop by and say hi!

TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥
Very elegant look! This was such a neat idea...I really LUV it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Wow! That is gorgeous! Seriously I wish I had somewhere to do this.

Thanks so much for stopping by earlier:)
Blue Creek Home said…
Another incredible "look" from you!!!
I love nailhead trim.
I always look forward to your posts!
Sheri said…
I remember sitting and looking at this last night, but I don't recall ever commenting! Looks great! I snag so many ideas from you (Yet to complete them but my bookmark folder is full of your links! LOL)

I host a "Room a month makeover" every Monday (Don't worry, you don't have to complete a room, a small change!) Stop by and link up!
4Hoffman's said…
That is incredible! Looks awesome!
Runner Mom said…
Simply gorgeous!!

I have a question about your pumpkin topiaries post!! When you referred to the burnt umber paint--was that a glaze or an acrylic? I am very literal!! I need it all spelled out! If it's glaze,is that located with the thousands of acrylic paints?? Thanks so much! They look great!!
Wow, that is totally glam gorgeous!
I love nailhead trim on almost anything and never would have thought to use it as a floor to ceiling headboard! I love this. Mad skills girl...I'm telling you!
Wow! That is stunning! I just love it. Like you, my taste has changed over the last decade or so, but I think you did a wonderful job of using what you have and designing something to complement it so nicely.
Mrs. Nepper said…
Gorgeous work. Love it!
Lisa Anne said…
Wow it looks amazing!! I wish my house was as nice as yours. come decorate my house for me. PLEASE!!
Lisa Anne said…
Wow it looks amazing!! I wish my house was as nice as yours. come decorate my house for me. PLEASE!!
I love that look. It is beautiful. you did a great job.

Come over for a visit.
WOW! That is gorg... what a statement.
Wow, that turned out beautifully! I thought they were individual squares- the upholstery tacks really make the piece!
Vintage Junky said…
Very nice!

Leanne said…
Gorgeous! It looks simply amazing. I (heart) nailhead trim.
Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! That headboard is AMAZING. Great job!
This is gorgeous! It totally updates the look of your sentimental bed. I just love the silk! Great job!
This is just beautiful!!! I really love it! Thanks for your sweet comment the other day :-) Nice meeting you!
Interesting wall treatment.
Great substitute of a head board also... extending all the way to the ceiling...

I like it
Annikke said…
THAT is gorgeous!
Anny said…
This is really gorgeous, what a lovely space to look forward to after work :)

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