September 28, 2009

Antique Window Turned Wall Art

I bought an old window off of Craiglist for $3. It was pretty, with chippy white paint.

I had so many ideas of ways to use it, it made it hard to decide.
I ended up painting it. (no surprise :))
I printed out an antique map from Biblical times.

On paper grocery bags. I felt like it added to the aged look. And they were in my pantry, which meant no trip to the store :)
Just taped it to the back!

Hung it over the door to my laundry room.
Ta Da!
$3 wall art!

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September 27, 2009

Painted Ceiling Medallion

I loved the ceiling medallion in the dining room that came with the house. It just never really stood out against the white popcorn ceilings.

The chandelier is a bit plain for my taste too, but not the focus today.
(I am sure if I scour Craiglist ,that I could remedy that situation.)

I didn't even bother to tape the area off. I just used a good angled brush with Kilz exterior black paint. (It claims one coat coverage, however you can see that's not the case)
Good brushes make it capable to paint a straight line without having to tape first.
I applied a second coat of black and dry brushed acrylic craft paint in burnt umber, with the same angled brush.
I used a sponge brush to highlight the raised areas with gold (acrylic craft paint).

I used some scrap fabric from my bedding to make a chandelier cover. Similar to what I did here, but instead I ironed the seams before hand, and glued it together while on a ladder.

September 26, 2009

French Arm Chairs

I found these chairs on Craigslist for $40.
But they were a little plain for my taste.

The blond, white washed wood looked dated.

Although I think white upholstered furniture is stunning, I am a realist and realize it wouldn't last a week in my house.
The chairs were in excellent condition, the foam and fabric were fine.
In fact, they are even more comfortable than they look.

I took off the trim and painted them.
(Yes, with the fabric on.......)

The fabric was $2 yard from a local place going out of business. I stapled it on, and glued trim around the edges ($0.60 from the same place).

This is by no means a tutorial, just a fun weekend before and after.
I plan on recovering the chair in my studio soon, and posting a step by step detailed tutorial.

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September 25, 2009


This post is actually going to make me a bit of a hypocrite. I had decided to stop posting personal information, because it is a blog dedicated to creative home decorating.
However, this is a post dedicated to creatively decorating..... my child :)
And I just can't help but sharing with you this fun costume I made last year, and the costume I have in the works for this year.

I have said in the past I am not a huge Halloween fan, but there is something so adorably cute about tiny people in costume. That is sweet costumes, we don't do scary around here.
She looked like the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland with a bit of a Rastafarian twist.

I sketched out what I wanted. Bought inexpensive felt ($2 / yard), and a giant box of poly fill.
I worked with newspaper on a ball to see the most efficient way to create it. I tried several different ways, but in the end, each "ball" is made of six pieces sewn together. It was the easiest way I could find to make it. (3 yellow, three green)
(I am sure that all of you sewing afficionados and engineers have a much better solution for this.....)
The little faux feet were sewn in between.
Purple rick rack was double layered over the yellow seams.
The bodice was constructed in a similar fashion, but I lined the interior with yellow felt so she could get in it and the fiberfill would stay encased. When I went to try it on her, it was too tight, so I had to make side panels with zippers .
The antennae were made from hangers from the dry cleaners (the cardboard tube type they put pants on). I used the metal parts that attach to the cardboard tube, and put them inside the head piece. I covered the tubes with felt and made a ball (just like I did for the body). The antennae easily came on or off.

I bought purple pants and a shirt, and made matching "faux" feet out of purple felt with green and yellow rick rack. But, in the end, she refused to wear the feet, and it was SO hot last year, that the majority of time she spent without the purple top or bottoms either.

So, it is only appropriate that this year she has matured enough to be this:

From one of our favorite books, Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
I can't wait to get started on it!
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September 23, 2009

Silk Wall Treatment

The furniture in my guest room was given to me by my parents when I was a teenager. My taste has changed a bit since then (I am not so matchy matchy anymore), but because it's so sentimental to me, there is no way I would paint it. (This the only time you will ever hear that phrase from me) I wanted more drama and elegance. I decided to do a floor to ceiling silk wall treatment.

I used batting (not brand or type specific, just went with the lowest bidder), upholstery nail head trim on a roll, and some leftover silk dupioni.

I measured the space, taking into account that the ceiling is angled on the right side. I measured the silk I had and figured out the best direction to run it, to get the most out of it. If you choose to do this with a patterned fabric take into account how much extra you will need to match up the repeat.
I had a little over one roll of upholstery tacks, and didn't want to run out and buy anymore, so I planned the size of my squares according to this. Each roll has 10 yards = 30 ft.

I took the width of my rectangle and then doubled the size of the batting. One layer was not quite enough, and with three layers, the upholstery tacks wouldn't stay in the wall.
I made one seam in the silk and laid it on top of the batting. For the edges I just tucked the raw edge underneath, you could easily sew a seam too!
Holding the silk and batting together I pinned it up to the ceiling and held it in place with push pins.

I used a hammer and tapped in the upholstery nails.
When I came to a corner or an edge I just broke the strip by bending it back and forth.
They brake really easy.

Be careful, the edges of these strips are razor sharp and cut like a knife.

Metallic Pumpkin Topiaries

I bought these on super-duper Hobby Lobby clearance two years ago right before Thanksgiving. I suppose if they start putting Thanksgiving decor out in April, it's acceptable for them to clearance them out before the actual Thanksgiving holiday. I guess to make room for Easter I alone in thinking this is a little crazy?
Here is the before.

They are a bit much, even for this huge Longhorn fan!
I have never loved them, and they don't really fit my decor, I just bought them because it was our first time to host Thanksgiving dinner and I wanted it to look festive.
They are bright orange, a color not found in nature.
So I decided to give them a little makeover.

I took them apart, pulled everything out.
I glazed everything with a coat of black first just to make it all darker, and not so eye blinding.

I glazed the pumpkins with burnt umber and then antique gold.

The urns got a little sponge bath with burnt umber. I made super runny white glaze and let it drip down. Patted down the excess with a paper towel. Gives it a nice weathered aged appearance.

The mini pumpkins were painted a champagne and gold.
The leaves were glazed with copper.

The pine cones and berries were brushed with titanium gold.

I put it all back together, and hot glued anything I thought might move.
Here is the after. What do you think?
I am not so sure I love all the "extra stuff". Are the leaves and filler to much?
Should I just stick to urns and pumpkins?

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September 22, 2009

Burlap Wine Cozy

I saw this post from Layla, awhile back and it got my wheels spinning.
Not one to let the giant burlap bandwagon pass me by, I thought I would jump on.
We had a party a few weeks ago, and I thought this glass jug was to pretty to be recycled.
I really think this would make a beautiful Christmas or hostess gift (On a full, regular bottle of wine). And for non-drinkers, what about a covered bell jar with dry recipe ingredients, or a hot-coco mix.

Only the finest wines for our friends. :)
(Actually if you mix it with half club soda and fresh fruit it isn't bad and will serve a lot of guests (obviously))

Took the label off.

I made patterns with newspaper. First I traced the bottom, went about an inch outside the diameter.
Then wrapped it around the circumference. Allowed extra for the seam, and made it taller on top, because I wanted to fold it over.

One of my very best friends moved back to Denmark a few years ago, and she taught me this before she left. "Jeg elsker dig". It means "I love you" in Danish.
I wanted something fun to remind me of her.
I made a template for a stencil like I did here.

Used an x-acto knife to cut it out.

Centered it and used a dry sponge brush with a small amount of black paint on it.
It would have been perfect if I had left well enough alone, but I got overzealous and went back a second time in the middle. Oh, well. I think once would make it look much more nice and faded.

Keeping the painted part on the outside, I glued around the circular bottom.

After the bottom was attached, I glued a seam (towards the inside)
I officially had burned my fingerprints off at this point, because I failed to recognize just how thin burlap is.

It still needed a little something extra. So I found some vintage scrapbook paper, and card stock. Also, it wasn't quite complete without a monogram, love the clear stamp. (Random, impulse, clearance purchase from Hobby Lobby)

I had some giant eyelets left over, and thought it would make it look more tag like.

I shredded up some grosgrain, and added some cute numbers.

Also, you will notice, that I glued some twine around the top, because I wouldn't want anyone to know it's a screw top :).
Found an old champagne cork that fit perfectly!

I wonder what Carlo Rossi would think of it now??

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