Inspiration Board

I have wanted a large inspiration board for my studio. I drool over the custom, ones with huge chunky molding. When I priced out the cost of all the materials to build it, I realized it wouldn't be in my cards for awhile.

When my new friend in real life and bloggy friend LaTasha said she was selling this fantastic mirror I jumped at it. She gave me a smokin' deal. (In fact she was being sweet, but she should have asked for more.) ($10, ladies)

It is gorgeous, with nice curves.

(Behind it you can see the blank wall begging for some decor love)

With my Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon I got this roll of cork for $9

I made a little template with newspaper, traced it onto the cork and cut it out.

I used liquid nails small projects. It worked great, but in hindsight hot glue would have been just as effective and I could take it off in the future if I ever wanted to use the mirror.
Put as many heavy things I could find to hold it down while it dried.
Although I loved the color before, it was too gray for the colors in the studio.

I painted the frame with a black glaze and then an antique gold glaze.

I hot glued some leftover silk dupioni on top of the cork

And because the edges were not perfect, I hid them with upholstery trim. (Given to me)

Because this thing is SO heavy, has glass on the back, and I have an irrational fear of things falling, I put four screws into each stud. Just want to make sure it's not going anywhere.

Still needing a little inspiration:

Much better!

Thanks LaTasha!

Lots of places to party:

Please visit the fantastic Kimba at A Soft Place to Land for DIY day.

And the beautiful Shabby Chic Cottage for lots of fun transformations!


Rachelle said…
Very cute! I'm in the middle of making a cork board right now, this is kicking me in the butt to get it done! Thanks for sharing!
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it!
Wow ~ love the shape of that! It fills the space so nicely there too.
Wow! $10! What a great friend!
SO gorgeous! I love the shape of the frame and what a steal!
Anne said…
That is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Room to Inspire said…
Love it! Beautiful lines and fabulous price.

Alyssa Barnett said…
wonderful job-and quite a heavy project!
Shannon said…
This is so beautiful! Fabulous job!
Tonya said…
Very clever! Love it!
Lovely piece! You did a great job transforming it, and it's so unique.
That turned out great! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I signed up as a follower, I hope you will stop back by and do the same!
Vintage Junky said…
that looks great!

Ten bucks for that gorgeous mirror! That's just wrong. :) Good for your for getting that deal. I love that you used it as a billboard.
Sunny said…
Looks fantastic! You just continually amaze me - no other ways to put it!
Denise said…
Are you kidding? Ten dollars? That probably beats every deal I've ever gotten! It looks fabulous. Ten dollars? Maybe I'll have to go thrifting today instead of cleaning! :)
I'm in awe of your projects. Seriously, you're a genius.
Cazra said…
OH, MY!!!! I love it! I am about to paint, decorate and hang shelves in my sewing nook. I would love something like this to hang in there! It is beautiful!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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