Happy Halloween

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a fantastic Halloween!

Hannah's costume looked adorable on, and she had so much fun in it! So girly!
Here is the back without the wings.

Mommy and Hannah.

We went to a Halloween block party and she had a blast.
Too bad our annual photo shoot was rained out last week. Boo!

Family pic.

Before trick or treating.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!
If anyone is still interested I can post a tutorial for the wings (maybe for next year...).
As you can tell my Halloween motto seems to be "Go Big, or Go Home"! Ha!
Pleas join Kimba at DIY Day for more fun projects!


How adorable! You did a fantastic job on her costume!
{ L } said…
She looks so happy in it! And you did an amazing job on it...on a side note...GIRL, you are gorgeous!! :)
Symone's Mommy said…
Seriously...the most fabulous butterfly I've EVER seen. BTW, Annette told me she was behind you in line at Boston Market last night! hehehe Calling you later...I'm off today and going to CCA in Lewisville!
AnneYarbs79 said…
SEE!?!?!? All the drama and 80 yards of broadcloth were totally worth it!!!

Shes looks so fabulous- and you know you are the Best Mommy In The World for making it over-the-top girlie!!!
Sunny said…
She looks so beautiful! I love your motto - ha!
Angie said…
WOW!!! That costume is fantastic!!! and of course your daughter is gorgeous! ;)
Sherri S said…
WOWZERS! That is SOME costume. TOO adorable too. I can see a LOT of work went into it.
Yes, post the tutorial please!
This is beautiful!
Oh my! How beautiful! I wish I had a girl to dress like that (maybe someday!)... so beautiful! When I got married, I had 3 flower girls and I specifically chose a very foofy dress for them because I knew how much I would have loved it as a little girl!
Kelly said…
that is one amazing costume! and I love it even more since it's mostly purple (my favorite color) I just discovered your blog recently and I love all your amazing projects, thanks so much for posting the photo's of your adorable little girl, she looked so happy!
4Hoffman's said…
That is a truly amazing costume!! What a lucky girl to have a Mommy that is so darn creative!! LOVE IT!! I say next year we have a costume making weekend, maybe you & Anne can rub off on me!!
Anonymous said…
I'm an artist too and this is truly a work of ART. I love the colors and the costume. Two thumbs UP!!!
That costume is too sweet! Wonderful job!
Anonymous said…
.....you must make your mother so proud.....
this is beautiful - she looks darling and like your Halloween was really fun.
Carla said…
Love that costume!!!

I want to know how you made the skirt part it is so gorgeous!!!
And a tutorial for the wings would be great also
Jenglamgirl said…
"WOWZERS" I love how big it is... from the butterfly wings to all the fluffy tulle. Its beautiful, and just as beautiful as the little girl. I love this costume, a fav. next to my kids costumes ;) for sure!
Lee Laurie said…
What a beautiful costume for such a beautiful little girl! You did a great job! That is the prettiest costume that I've seen!

Lee Laurie
I would love if you posted a tutorial!! This costume is Amazing!!
Norma Jean said…
Absolutely beautiful! You are a very talented lady!
omigod! she is adorable.
Leanne said…
That costume is amazing and she looks so pretty and happy in it. You did a great job. You should post a tutorial on the wings. I'll be looking for it next year.
Anonymous said…
Incredible! This costume is a work of art. Beautiful costume and beautiful child!
She looks like a magazine cover! What a precious little girl and that costume...OMG! I think you are the mom I might have hated...it is beautiful!

AdronsCatherine said…
Wow! You are just so amazingly talented!!! And beautiful - you've got a gorgeous family ;o)

I would love for you to share how you did the wings - and the petals, if you wouldn't mind lol! I am going to have to show this to my 5 year old, and I know she is going to be just green over it! I'm sure I can make a passable tutu dress, but holy cow! Wow!
HouseMama said…
Oh my goodnes - it is absolutely beautiful on her. You know she's going to expect something equally as exquisite for her prom dress, don't ya? You've set the bar really high. :)

aww!! what a cutie pie!! LOVE the costume!! great job!! So glad you guys had a fun time!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!! huge hugs!! Britt :-)
Maddy said…
Wonderful job on the costume! She's too cute for words :)
So pretty - wow! I'm going to follow you and watch for that tutorial! :)

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