Kitchen Christmas Projects

I found this cute Santa cookie jar at a local thrift store in November.
He reminded me of Joseph's coat of many colors.
I primed him with a gray spray primer and then top coated with Krylon Nickel. While the nickel was still wet, I very lightly and randomly misted the surface with Krylon silver and Rustoleum Antique brass.

The mirrored (disco ball) ornaments came from the Dollar tree in a package of 4.
I love to paint things inside Rubbermaid containers to try and contain the mess.
I splattered raw umber oil glaze randomly, and shook the box from side to side to get the balls rolling in the wet paint.
They came with a loop, and I strung them on brown grosgrain ribbon and tied them to the sconces.

The silver candles were from the D.T.
I added the J and the Y (already had an O from Halloween).
The metal is western studs from Michael's. You could easily use upholstery tacks, push pins, scrapbooking brads, or even glue something unexpected like coffee beans on.

To start this vignette, I cut a long strip of burlap and a slightly thinner and shorter strip of stamped muslin (I also used this for a tree skirt and a table cloth...tutorial to come)

The moment I saw the birdcage, I knew I wanted to put scrolls of Wish Lists inside!

To make the Wish Lists, I started with white copy paper on a cookie sheet that has a rim. I poured strong coffee over to cover it all and to make sure each sheet was wet (not so much that it's drowning in a pool of coffee, but a little extra.) The more coffee added, the darker the result. I stuck them in the oven on the very lowest setting. (And proceeded to pace in front of it for fear of fire in the name Christmas decor...)
I kept watching it, and when most of the liquid had evaporated, I took it out and let it finish air drying.
After they were 100% dry, I stamped them with a script stamp and regular black ink. (I lined up the edges so they wouldn't overlap)
I ran them through the printer to add the words "Wish List". I rolled them up and added a tiny dab of hot glue to hold them in place.

The bells were really bright and shiny, so I did the same thing I did above (with the mirrored balls), a little raw umber oil glaze, and voila.

To create the paper tree I started with a Styrofoam cone for the base. (You could even use a party hat or a plastic cone for the base) I painted watercolor paper (you could use any paper including scrapbooking, I liked the heavier weight of this paper)
I started with silver spray paint, and then stamped the ledger script across the entire surface. I went back and randomly added crowns.
I cut 1" x 2" sections, and starting at the bottom, hot glued them to the cone. I went around, and when I got to the next level I tried to stagger them.
I hot glued a plastic crystal onto the top for a finial.

The lantern was a steal for $3 on clearance.
(Below is the one on my mantel, and is identical to this, but the "before" color.)
I taped the glass off, and primed them gray. I painted them a flat black, and then with very watered down white craft paint, randomly let it run and drip down the sides.

The insides were filled with fake snow, a candle (Actually, to be honest, it's one and a half was too short, and two was too I cut one in half and hot glued them together and then wrapped it with stamped fabric to cover the seam). I added painted sugar gum berries (Krylon nickel) and a sweet birdie ornament.

This one was fun! I am not even sure what you would call it.....a random conglomerate of pretty things?

I filled the container with newspaper, and added the feather pick (fake feathers). I was not sure which direction I was going, so I just started to pile stuff in. I ended up with an acorn ball, a painted bird, an ornament, the painted berries I showed you from the living room projects...

A white finial, and a gold halo off a thrift store angels (see the living room projects), a nest and I added some shredded threads of burlap inside.

The flower was made from dyed and stamped coffee filters (tutorial to come tomorrow with a post about wrapped presents)

Dollar Tree glass candles were wrapped with faux sheet music. I made it using the same process as the "Wish Lists" above. I glued it on using Mod Podge, and added brown grosgrain (with the edges frayed), and a button.

These wood plaques came from Hobby Lobby for $1. I troweled a small amount of drywall plaster over the top to add texture. I let them dry and spray painted them nickel. I stamped the top with a script stamp, and then stamped the angel wings and "W". I screwed a small eye hook to the back, and ran floral wire though to attach it to the garland.

This old charger came from a thrift store and got a quick coat of chalkboard paint in the center. I hot glued floral wire to the back and attached it to the wreath.

The garland over the pot rack has loads of pine cones wired in, and stamped burlap is woven throughout.

Grapevine was then wrapped around.

Feathers, feathered balls and a silver bird complete the look.

OK, I know this picture is REALLY bad. The light fixtures look like alien motherships coming to invade my kitchen......
I keep trying to express just how open my house is, and this is the only picture I can find to give you a visual. The living and kitchen are pretty much one giant space. You can see the dining room on the other side of the kitchen, and you can see the long hall and front door.
So, now you can see why I have so many reucurring elements (feathers, pinecones, burlap, grapevine, angel wings, birds, silver paint, stamped fabric, etc) It has to be cohesvie.

To see the complete kitchen Christmas Tour go HERE.


Amy Kinser said…
Love all of your beautiful work. Thank you so much for sharing these photos and for the inspirations. I would love to be able to do just half as good as you.

Merry Christmas and may God bless you abundantly.
Anny said…
I am so impressed that you made so many things with Dollar Store items! Its all so beautiful :)
Mod Podge Amy said…
Love the candle! It's fantastic!
Anonymous said…
It has been a joy browsing through your creative blog. You have inspired me to look at items more closely at Dollar Tree (one of my favorite spots as a preschool teacher). You could soooo write a DIY book, be a newspaper columnist in the Dallas Morning News Guide section or host a HGTV show. Thank you for putting your house eye candy on the web. It's a real treat!! Georgeann, Carrollton, TX
Anonymous said…
I loved your spread in the Dallas Morning News! You are amazing. Thanks for sharing your creative gift.
astr!d said…
i am so glad that you are back!! and since its almost christmas, i looked at all the decorations again and i am still so impressed with your work! it is so pretty and earthy! and it has given me a basis for my own decorations, so thank you!!

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