Christmas Living Room Tour 2009

Welcome and Merry Christmas!
I have been saving the full Christmas tour because I wasn't sure what would be published and I didn't want to spoil the surprise! I do want to show you our Christmas decor and many of the projects I created.
Since we are running short on time I have broken it down by room, and will post each a final overview of the room, and a separate post for projects.
Our living room at night

We are blessed to have three Christmas trees this year, this by far, being the most classic.

Some closeups of the ornaments and grapevine.

Here are some photos taken during the day.
I love the softer green tones of the tree against the deep red and champagne glass.

Out tree started with sugared berry picks in soft gold and red, and then I added the ornaments and bows.

This year I added the stamped burlap and grapevine.

Santa's toy chest, filled with a classic toy horse, plane, blocks and presents.

The mantle covered in garland. It's full of pine cones (from my Grandparent's farm :)), burlap and grapevine.

I also added tons of non-traditional elements. Feathers, berry picks, seashells, curtain finials, scraps of silk leftover from other projects, fur covered balls, and feathered balls. I shopped the house for this and just used what I had.

The candles were wrapped with burlap and wings taken off of a trio of thrift store angels were added to the back.

The lantern was a clearance garden center find, that I filled with candles, sugar gum tree balls, faux snow, and an ornament.
The living room is the only room in the house with traditional Christmas colors, it is also the only place where all of the "Santa" decor is located.

I was going for more of an elegant look with the fun Santa stuff.
The mailbox received a coat of champagne paint, and stenciled letters.
Coffee stained letters were added to the top.
I painted the Christmas paddle last year.....I obviously have a "naughty"sense of humor!

Milk and cookies for good Ole' Saint Nick!

The library draped in garland.

I used the same natural elements; pine cones, grapevine and burlap.

Feather and fabric covered balls, painted berries, and stamped paper in a metal frame.

I decided to change up one of our other Christmas trees this year, so I used the extra jewel tone, shatterproof ornaments to fill this tiered plant stand.

My Uncle's old grandfather clock received a fresh coat of paint, and a festive banner.
Twas the night before Christmas....

Merry Christmas!

To see the projects I created for this room click HERE.

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Jennifer said…
Oh... everything is so beautiful! So many special touches. I love how you used the angel wings on the candles! Santa's toy chest is such a cute idea. :) Thank you for the wonderful tour!
"Blossom" said…
Stunning; thank you for the tour.
Merry Christmas and New Year.
Beckie said…
I'm not quite sure how I found your blog, but it is just fabulous! What impeccable taste you have! Just gorgeous...Have a wonderful Christmas!

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