Christmas Topiaries

Hi! Hope you have all been well! Our halls are decked, and I am ready to start the Christmas Season! The elves have been busy (OK, that's a's just me). I am going to try and post a daily project or two over the next few weeks, some large and some small.
Here are the first three of several topiairies. Anyone who has been in our house knows my love of topiaries.
I had huge response to the small, tarnished mirrored tree in my last post.
I wanted to clarify just how I achieved this look.
I started with three super shiny trees from the Dollar Tree. They looked like they belonged straight off the set of Saturday Night Fever. I just needed a white polyester leisure suit to complete that look.

I used Benjamin Moore's Finishing Glaze in Raw Umber, and dabbed some on with an old cloth, and then splattered spots randomly all over to mimic an antique mirror. Easy Peasy.

The second one I found at a thrift store for $3. I removed all the beads and fabric.

Primed it grey, and painted the base a flat black.
I had some uber shiny silver beaded garland, but I have also seen the same things at the Dollar store. I hot glued it in rows, starting at the bottom, and wrapping my way around and up.

I used the same B.M. finishing glaze and rubbed it all over with a cloth, to instantly age it. I went back with a clean paper towel and randomly rubbed the glaze off, in a few small areas to let that shiny silver peak through here and there.

The third topiary you may remember from Halloween, and used to look like this:
I spray painted the entire thing a flat white. I dabbed the BM glaze over the branches, and then dabbed it in the nooks and crannies of the base, and then rubbed off the excess. I flecked and splattered it lightly to look like old water marks.
The snowflakes were from the Dollar store and were also tarnished. I plan on posting a tutorial on it tomorrow, hopefully. The weather is cold and rainy and not the best for capturing great pictures.

Better late, than ever:
Please join in on the fun of DIY day at a Soft Place To Land


Great job! Also, do I see snowflakes hanging from your ceiling? That's a cute idea, and I think I'd love to copy it. Did you make the snowflakes or buy them?
HouseMama said…
WoW! Everything looks beautiful. I can't wait to see what you'll be posting in the upcoming days.
Rusty said…
I love your love of (not so) shin things! Really like the third topiary thats porbably my favourite! I like your hanging snowflakes too, I've got some hanging in my window display!
Krystal said…
The revamped Halloween Topiary is my fav!!! And I see you have snowflakes hanging from the ceiling?!?! Was that a DIY also?? It all looks amazing!
I'm so impressed. I don't do projects like that...although my blogging is getting me closer and closer to attempting a few things. I guess we all have our strengths and it is wonderful sharing and learning from other bloggers. Thanks!

Very nice! I love them all! Have a great day!
Blue Creek Home said…
I have a hunch that you would be adorable in that white leisure suit!!!

I love topiaries too. It's amazing how the white paint changed the halloween one.

I am still spinning from those angel wings!! I really do think about them often. I need some!!

I enjoy your creativity. You are so very talented.
Anonymous said…
I ran across your blog from another one and I just wanted to say I love the way you decorate and your ideas are amazing! Thank you for posting such fun and exciting ways to make a home sparkle! You're very inspiring!
I love these! So bautiful. You are very talented :)
AnneYarbs79 said…
SHUT YOUR FACE! Where the hell did you find those stinkin' skates?!?!?! (Or should I ask, 'What little girl did you knock down and yank them off of in the name of decorating?')

julie said…
looks wonderful! i picked up two of those shiny dollar store trees! now i just need the paint! cant wait to finish them! thanks for the idea!
I heart your Christmas projects ! You are so talented, I need to make some of those.
Room to Inspire said…
I love them all - everything looks great! I still need to antique my Dollar Tree trees...I can't wait to make them look as lovely as yours.

Gay Vaughan said…
I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait for more of them to come our way.
Amy Kinser said…
I love your beaded topiary. What a great job you did on everything. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

Merry Christmas!
Room to Inspire said…
So I got impatient and "glazed" my dollar store trees with a metallic paint that I had on hand. I posted them on my blog today and gave you a shout out! Thanks for the great ideas - keep them coming.

Farra said…
You are amazing. Simply amazing. Everything is beautiful.
Farra said…
You are amazing. Simply amazing. Everything is beautiful.
Denise said…
You are my new favorite blogger. I am just sorry I didn't find you earlier! I love your eye for the details and your incredible ability to change something ordinary into something extraordinary! Great job.
Nice Information I really enjoyed reading your blog Keep up the good work!

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