Tarnished Glitter Snowflakes

You may have noticed the snowy hallway from previous posts.
I purchased silver pre-made snowflake ornaments from the Dollar Tree, in various sizes (the big ones were $1 each, and then 6/$1, and 10/$10 in packages)
Here they are prepackaged:

A before closeup:
I have long admired that beautiful aged patina German Glitter Glass brings.
I wanted to give the same look and age instantly.

I used the same Benjamin Moore Mohawk Finishing Glaze in Raw Umber as I did in the last post.

Same technique, splattered and patted on for an instant tarnished effect.

I hot glued them to fishing line, three to a strand. I looped the fishing line around clear thumb tacks and hung them.
An easy project, but one that adds great whimsy.

Welcome! This is a view from our front door.

And a peek of tomorrow's post!!


Your hallway looks magical!! You'd never know the snowflakes came from the dollar store!
Annette said…
That looks terrific! I can't wait to see what you do next! Congrats on your DMN feature. I am looking forward to seeing it.
lovvvve it! Its a winter wonderland!
philben5 said…
Everything looks so amazing. I would love to see your guests face when they walk in the front door. Blessings and merry Christmas
I love your projects. I'm following now !
That looks great! What a wonderful idea to spruce up Dollar Store finds! Your entryway looks great. Have a good day and thanks for sharing your ideas.
You really do some clever things. I'm inspired...it is too late for this year (I'm decorated) but I may look for some after Christmas things to work on for next year.

{ L } said…
What a gorgeous entry! And so unique too! You're so talented.
One Cheap B*tch said…
Lovely! You are so talented! =)
I loveee what you did with the frame! i'm sure jesus would understand! haha. but yeah really great post.. definitely going to be a follower and feature your blog in my next favorite blogs post!
So pretty and magical looking!
Kristi_runwatch said…
Love your snowflakes!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)
Denise said…
One of my favorite clever ideas this year. I love it!
cherokeefox said…
I love this idea. Bringing the snowflakes inside in Arkansas would be a great idea since we hardly ever get any real ones.
patty said…
merry christmas!
Anonymous said…
I love it! I have a weakness for Snowflakes though.

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