Moss Topiaries and Dining Room Tablescape

Here is our dining room table and a few quick and easy projects you can do.
I wanted it to be warm, inviting, but not the usual gold and glitz I tend to lean towards for Christmas. I went with neutrals and green.
I started with two blank topiary forms. One with a stick and a basic cone shape. I also used an existing topiary I already had that was a bit too fake looking, I got the idea here. I painted the first two green, and hot glued reindeer moss on top of all three. It took about 3 1/2 bags for all three forms, so I had a grapevine ball and in patches glued the remainder of the moss to.
I scored 4 of these lanterns from the WalMart garden section on clearance for $3!

I primed and painted over 3 of them.

Gave each a nice time worn patina.
(I only used one on this table scape, and have scattered the other two throughout the house)

The finial was a dollar store tree topper repainted.

And this fantastic dollar store votive holder!

Old books, sticks and moss balls.

The dollar store trees tarnished .

A fun faux snowball I made out of faux fur.

A close up of the grapevine with random bits of moss glued.

Dollar store birds, old books.
A fantastic glittered feather(Dollar tree score!).

This silver reindeer candelabra reminds me of the Pottery Barn version for $130.
It makes mine a steal at $5 at a local thrift store!
I have dyed and made my own table skirt a tree skirt. Look for a tutorial over the next few days!

Here is a closeup:

Some glittered Dollar Tree ornaments in an old pitcher completes the look.


janice said…
CUTE! it looks very the reindeer candelabra.

merry CHRISTmas.

Heather said…
I love love love this style!! IT's all so gorgeous! Great job!! Merry Christmas!
This is soooo gorgeous. I love that reindeer. I am always on the look out for unusual reindeer...yours is wonderful. Your whole look is wonderful. I enjoyed your post so much. Very beautiful.
The Pitts said…
Hi! I am a new fan and look at your blog regularly. Your style is amazing and I LoVe how you add an aged patina to everything. I too have a lantern my husband bought but I think it looks cheap and too bright silver. It has no 'personality' and is an unoriginal IKEA piece. What products do you use to transform yours? I have read a lot about a raw umber ... is that a spray or a rubbing type thing? Sorry,
HouseMama said…
Dollar Store....ugh! I go there and I just don't have the vision to put it all to good use and make it look like a million bucks. I love every bit of what you've created!!!
Thanks for sharing your ideas. It looks great! It does take a certain type of creativity to go to the dollar store and end up with a great tablescape. I love it all! Have a wonderful day!
Anne said…
Last night I was flipping through the old BD catalog- and what do I spy and DIE?? Burlap covered books with worn ribbon ties! HOW DID WE MISS THAT?! It was so gorg- would have been perfect in there... although its pretty hard to perfect perfection!

xoxo ;0)
Amanda said…
love love love! and I cant believe you got some of things at the $1 store-must go check out mine. What a beautiful tablescape!

Merry Christmas
It is so nice to see the budget you worked with - it looks awesome. You are fantastic.
I love the look of nature with just a hint of glitz...very elegant.

Absolutely stunning!! I love mixing natural elements with glitz. Such a wonderful job! Can you come over to my house and work your magic? :)
Love, love, love all the texture in every single one of your posts. (Some of my faves are the angel wings and the map window!!! Your daughter's wings/costume turned out great, too!) And the balance between rusticity and elegant luxury on your site is fantastic. I call it RUSTIC LUX on my blog! I also love your use of COLOR (I have my all white/cream/beige moments, too, but ADORE deep, rich reds, etc.) I'm new to blogland but have been following you for a while now. You ROCK!!!

MANY blessings to you, Lana (a fellow Horchow girl--my sofa is from there and dishes, etc. LOVE that place--I remember you talking about it, too!)
alissa said…
Love your moss topiaries. They're beautiful!
Your room is beautiful. Not only are your decorations beautiful but it is equally important how you put it together and you did a great job of this. Great staging.
Anny said…
How gorgeous and affordable :D
julie said…
beautiful! i love the dollar store! its so funny that you can make a beautiful tablescape from the dollar store! love it!
Anonymous said…
Great job. Extremely professional. Like something out of a first class magazine. Jackie
That tree skirt is amazing! It all looks so festive! I am stopping in from Nester's Tour. If you would like to see my tour posts you can click on the 'Christmas 2009' tag on the left sidebar of my blog. Have a great holiday season!
Micah said…
You rock! There is so much texture I am drooling. And the Dollar Tree ideas are visionary...just keep em coming:)
BTW I just saw your post from the Guide live...I am from the metroplex also. Maybe our paths will cross in a Dollar Tree someday.
Robin said…
Hi Marianne. I have been following your blog since your decorations were featured in the DMN just before Christmas. You are SO inspiring and your many DYI projects and their directions are greatly appreciated. You are so generous with sharing your ideas.

I too have scored several lanterns and would love to duplicate your patina finish (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?). I saw that you primed them with a spray primer (oil based?). But would you mind stating how you achieved the patina look? BTW - I'm sure all of your fans would love to see post Christmas decorating ideas from you. Thanks in advance.

javieth said…
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Lisa said…
Came to you via google images for some inspiration and "how to" regarding grapevine balls. Love grapevine, love moss, hate michael's prices so we are making our own. Your ideas are lovely and love your frugal style!
Happy holidays almost a year after this original post!

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