Peace On Earth

Here's a little Christmas hall art.
Cheap and easy.

I started with a gold plastic thrift store frame.
Yes......and The Last Supper......when I told the cashier I was going to paint over it I thought she could scorch me with the look in her eyes.
But, come on now, I don't think Jesus really rocked a neon blue robe. Royal maybe, but not electric blue.
Some inexpensive chipboard letters. ($1 each)

An extra "W', 'cause you all know how much I love monograms.

My cousin had given me these fantastic, old ornate towel rods from her recent bathroom renovation. I took just the part that attached to the wall off, and painted them oil rubbed bronze and highlighted with antique gold. I also had bought a $2 sign from Goodwill for it's five crystal knobs. I hot glued the knobs on top.

Ta Da! Instant letter hangers!

I painted over the frame with a (heavy) coat of primer, and then the same oil rubbed bronze and gold. The inside I painted nickel, silver and antique brass. I used a script stamp to create a background that looks like ledger paper, and created a template in Adobe for two quick stencils for the font "ON" and "Earth".

For the hanging letters I painted the base in nickel and rubbed the edges in antique gold, and the stamped over the tops with the script stamp.

I hot glued burlap strips to the back and hung them on the knobs.

I did the same thing for the door wreath.
I hot glued floral wire to the back and ran it around the top of the wreath.

These are easy, quick and super inexpensive projects!


Gina Sisco said…
Creative and stunning!!! Great job.
I just love your posts; you always do such wonderful things! I haven’t been to GW in three weeks but I’m starting to get the itch after reading this post.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful project!
Wow that is so amazingly beautiful and creative ~ I love it!
Easy? For you maybe...once again I am so impressed with the ideas you come up with. I am really enjoying seeing your projects. Thank you for sharing them with us.

julie said…
wonderful! i love it! great idea for reusing parts from discarded stuff! thinking out of the box!
HouseMama said…
That is hilarious that you told the gal you were going to paint over Jesus. (Not that I wouldn't do the same thing, I just wouldn't tell anyone and then one of my big mouth boys would spill the beans in front of someone at church!)

Beautiful project as always. :)
AnneYarbs79 said…
I am a terrible friend. While I walked past this a million times, I never noticed all the little details, like the stamps...

Seriously, I want to secretly follow you to take pictures of the thrift store employees' faces when they see what you are buying!! (And even Jesus would excuse painting over him, when it was replaced with such gorgeous sentiment...)xoxo
LOL that you told that lady you were painting over Jesus. I've done that a few times and I have to admit I have to take a few deep breaths before I do. Love this! Looks great, just like everything else you make!!
Frugal Jen said…
WOW! It looks great!
You have quite the imagination and are SUPER creative! I loved seeing how you transformed each item. Great job! :)
It's beautiful. I love the script stamp over the letters! I just did my own peace sign above my mantel :). Peace to you friend :).
Janna said…
I copied your idea of the snowflakes and gave credit to you on my blog.
oh my heck. ive been trying to figure out how to attach my "H" to our glue and floral wire. GENIUS. THANK YOU. LOVE U.
Symone's Mommy said…
You are out of this world. Great work. Can't wait to some see all your stuff in person!
{ L } said…
Girl, your talent never ends! You are full of incredible ideas. This peace display is so charming.
Your posts always inspire me....Your pictures are great...Visit my holiday blog for new tree pictures and my main blog for a MIRACLE story...
You've got such class in all you do - this is no exception!
mycitycottage said…
I love your style it is so nice to follow your blog
Mary said…
Everything you do is so beautiful.

You are so creative! What a talent!
Anny said…
I'm scrolling through and so amazed by all you've done!

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