A sweet bench makeover

01My cousin had a garage sale with several family members and friends all adding things to sell.  Her friend wasn’t able to sell this cute children’s bench, and encouraged me to take it. 
First thought:  Sweet!  Free furniture!!
Second thought:  Hmmm, Josh is not going like it if I bring home another piece of furniture… Maybe I will hide it in the garage.02
It needed some fresh paint, and  I originally envisioned tufting the back. 03
Here it is today.  (I can’t find the pictures of the paint process.)04
I have it in Hannah’s closet.  It’s the perfect place to read a story to one of her (many) babies…or dinosaurs. 05
First I primed it with a brush on white water based primer.  The previous colors were really bright so I used a really generous coat.  (I think it was Zinnser, but I have used both Kilz and Zinnser and they are both great).06
Then I top coated with Dutchboy’s Sugar and Cream (just a creamy white….I had it leftover from these cabinets.)07
I then glued on the piece of decorative molding (which I had already painted the same color as the base).  I added it after painting the base because, the latex is thick.  This gives it crisp edges, if I had glued, then painted, the thick paint may have puddled around the edges, from where I was trying to get in the small nooks.  08I used my favorite Benjamin Moore , Raw Umber finishing glaze.  I painted it in the edges, corners, and crevices.  I wiped away the excess with an old sock.  I took the same small brush I was using and splattered small amounts randomly to simulate water marks.09 The cushion is actually……..from Hannah’s crib bumper.  It’s one of the small end pieces.10
I just tied it to the back.   It fits perfectly (the exact dimensions).  I am a sucker for sentimental too!11I had originally intended to cut a piece of wood to fit the back, add foam and cover it with a sweet blue floral fabric, then tuft it with covered buttons.12What do you think?  Leave the crib bumper, or tuft the back?13


Yay, you are back. I just love your blog and have been anxiously awaited another post. I love the bench. You have amazing vision. Thank you for emailing me with the answers to my questions. I really like the bench the way it is.
I think it looks great ! I just love it when old pieces are saved and made beautiful.
I don't know how I found your blog, but I'm glad I did! This is a precious bench!!! You did an amazing job on it!!! I, too, am sentimental so I love it just the way it is. Simply Beautiful!!!
~mandy from burkett blessings
Kathy said…
So glad you are back! Love the bench the way it is using the crib bumper. What a great way to continue using such a beautiful set.
Lee Laurie said…
You bench turned out so pretty. I love it. You did a wonderful job. I love re-doing furniture too.
Anne said…
Sooooooooooooooooooooo cute! Leave the bumper. It was meant to be. xoxo
Jennifer said…
It's adorable! That is some before and after... great job! :) I *love* the glazing.

mother goose said…
i think it's gorgeous! I just can't train my eye to see such beauty!
It is Beautiful! What a wonderful makeover that will create great memories. I would have loved that as a little girl. A 'just me' space.
What a beautiful piece! I am sure it looks great in the home. Have a great evening!
Glad to have you back! I've missed your beautiful projects. :-) What a gorgeous bench too, it looks like an antique, so perfect for a little girl's room.
Blog Buddy said…
Awesome!!! You've inspired me to use some paint to cover my son's pink plastic bench now. I had it over at my preschool and just could NOT part with it:) Now I should go pick out a more masculine color!

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