Robin’s Egg Topiary


If you have been reading this blog for anytime now, you know how much I love topiaries.  Egg topiaries are not new, but I wanted a fresh Robin’s egg blue.


I started with a basic double ball Styrofoam topiary form, scored for $1.99.  (any shape will work)


I used the painted plastic Easter eggs and started hot gluing them on the Styrofoam.  (put the glue on the egg, not the Styrofoam, push it onto the foam and hold it for a second while it sets)


I used the larger size on bottom and a smaller size up top.  I tried to have them point in random directions.


After I had filled in as many gaps as possible with the eggs, it was time for the moss.


I put very generous amounts of hot glue between the eggs. 


(almost puddles)


I used a paint stick (because it was handy) to push the Spanish moss down into the crevices.


I used a brown filler moss (from the Dollar Tree) on top of the bright green Spanish moss.


I stuck it in a pot, and covered the base in the brown moss.


Here are a few detailed shots.



I completed the look with a mirrored Christmas topiary, a little Pier One mossy bunny in a galvanized watering pail and a blue bird from the Dollar Tree.  I plan on showing you the rest of this vignette tomorrow!


What do you think?


Love the Decor! said…
Very cute
Love your creativity!! Can't wait to see the rest of it!!
WOW! I must have one of these. I love that you used one color and the spanish moss. Very pretty. One more thing to add to my list!
I think it looks great! I love it! I like how you filled in the moss after you did the eggs {and that you used a stick to push it into the hot glue}. Looking forward to seeing the whole vignette.
Room to Inspire said…
I love it - great use of your fabulous robin eggs. I can't wait to see the rest.

I loved your robin's egg tutorial and this is just fantastic. Come link this post up to my Ready, Set, Vignette Party if you get the chance!
HouseMama said…
I'm going to have to hunt down those eggs for next year. I just love that color!
Terrell said…
As're so creative! It looks terrific! :)
Hope Spring is going great for you so far!
Anne said…
Ha! I actually bought that little birdy today at the $1 store... Funny story: MJ dropped the bird, its tail fell off and wing chipped. Like an idiot, I gathered all of the pieces off the nasty floor and when we went to check out, I laid them down next to him. The lady pointed out that he was broken and I said I knew, but MJ has broken him, we needed to pay for it, blah, blah, blah... I must have been acting like it was a Waterford vase from Neimans or something. She looks me in the face like I have lost my mind while holding up the poor tail-less sad-loookin' bird and says really slowly, "Hon'. Its. A. Doll-Ar." I still have a lot to learn about $1 etiquette! ha! xoxo
I want one of those adorable birds from the Dollar Tree. So cute. I also love your egg tree. Great job! Love & blessings from NC!
I LOVE it! What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!
it looks amazing, so fresh and springy!
Very pretty & festive!
Gaynell said…
Love it and I'm SO GLAD you are back. I missed you for so long.
Cassie said…
What a gorgeous project! I absolutely love it! I want to try it now!!! =)
Jamei B said…
This robins egg topiary is gorgeous!! I hope it's okay, I just couldn't help but feature it on my Easter wreath and topiary round-up. You can see it here:

Thank you for sharing!

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