Excuses Schmooses…….

Oops, I did it again.  I had really good intentions with the blog and let life get in the way.

We did some traveling to see family.  Hannah got sick.  Family issues came up, we got busy, and life happened.

Copy of DSC00102

We have also had a whole lot of this.......

Copy of 10

Which has resulted in this......


And not a lot of painting or projects.  The weather is getting warmer, which has meant parades...

And lots of projects to update you on!

The Easter decor is up, and I have a bunch of fun ideas to share with you….in fact, I had the house ready to photograph, and it snowed 5 1/2” yesterday…in Dallas…in the middle of March!  It’s that pesky global warming, thank you Al Gore!  So instead we had snowmen, hot coco, and snowy children trekking through the house :)

Thank you for all of the sweet emails and comments! 

(P.S. I moved over to Windows Live Writer (which rocks!!!! so much faster) …so let me know if you are getting updates.  It seems so much more efficient, which means more blog posts, since they don’t take 6 hours apiece!!)

(P.P.S……haha…Lisa, you are right, it took me FOREVER to get Christmas in the attic!!)


I just figured it took you this long to get all those Christmas decorations put away! ;)

I'm glad to see you're back.
Your daughter is a total cutie pie!!
I was wondering where you were, welcome back ! It's good to see you are well.
Amy Kinser said…
Can't wait to see what you have been working on.
Allie said…
Yeah, you're back! I've missed you.
Gay (Allie's Mom) said…
me too...now get to posting more fabulous things. :) I love the bench and would leave the bumper pad tied on it. Looks precious.
Sunny said…
glad to see ya back! your daughter has the sweetest profile in that pic on her daddy's shoulders...that be a good one to do a silhouette from! Pony tail and all. :)

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