Crucifixion Nails


Easter isn’t just about bunnies and eggs.  It’s about pain, suffering, hope, and love.  I want to celebrate that.  I want to see that.  What better way to symbolize it than the crucifixion nails?  When I originally envisioned how I would use them, I thought I would use railroad tie nails.  Hannah was sick that week, and a trip to the hardware store was out of the question.  So I made my own :)

Sprayed them with gray primer.7

Used acrylic craft paint and dabbed on (with a wet paper towel) spice brown and rust colors.8

Dark chocolate browns.9

Dark and medium gray tones.  And a final wash of really watered down black.10

I had the oval chipboard wood (originally came from the dollar store)  I used white copy paper, dyed it in coffee and let it dry.  I ran it through the printer with my text (formatted in Adobe, but you could easily use Word).  I used my script stamp and stamped over the top (if you look closely, you will notice I did it upside down.. Whoops :))  I cut out the oval shape and Mod Podged it to the chipboard.11

I ran twin through two hole on the top.  I hot glued my nails on top.  Raided the backyard rose bushes for some thorny braches, and hot glued them on top.12

On our mantel in the living room I went simple with a grouping of apothecary jars.  


I used the same dyed and stamped paper for the backdrop.


Filled the bottom with moss, and added the nails.


I wired more than one thorn branch together to make a crown of thorns, and was bleeding by the end of it.  It gave me amazing perspective.


“He chose the way of the cross where mercy triumphs justice because of love.”

~William Paul Young




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Anonymous said…
You as always, astound me with your creativity. The nails look real. Incredible......maybe it is a good thing your child was sick.....
Anne said…
Whoa- Love. Love. The paint treatment rocks. Loving the apothecary jar set-up.
julie said…
oh my goodness! those nails look so real!!! amazing! what a way to decorate the true meaning of easter! i have missed your creative posts! welcome back!
Love the Decor! said…
This is wonderful!! What a great reminder of what the Easter season is really all about!
Be Blessed!
Nori Coleman said…
Awesome, I love it! The true meaning of Easter and the power of God's love. This is the best post I've seen yet.Praise be Jesus Christ!!
Ashley said…
You amaze me. Seriously. I emailed you about these! :)

It gives me chills to see such tangible reminders of our precious Lord's sacrifice.
It turned out great! What a creative project that truly symbolizes what Easter is all about! :)
Wow, what a great project and a great reminder. My eyes got a little moist when you said that the thorns made you bleed. Love this.
Deanna said…
Dear One, You are so clever and talented! You have a great blog here to share with others...Thank you!!! Fantastic.

Wonderful idea for decorating to create a statement for others to notice and be reminded that Resurrection Sunday/Easter is for real.

As people, we all have God given talents to develope and use...but it's when we have the Holy living spirit of God in us from accepting God's perfect plan of redemption for mankind through Jesus Christ that we are adopted into the family of God (now we're a child of God)and receive abundant and everlasting life. We're forgiven. This just doesn't happen because we are human and born into this world...we have to have that spiritual birth that comes from being born again. Now we're regenerated! A new creature in Christ.

God richly bless you,
Terrell said…
These are amazing! You're so creative!
mustard seeds said…
OK, those are amazing.
Tardevil said…
Love the way they turned out. You could probably sell them on Etsy.
Blog Buddy said…
Love the paper-mache nails! Is that how you did the angel wings also?
Amanda said…
Wow! How do you come up with these ideas???
Brie said…
Those are amazing...I'll definitely have to make some up for next year. Happy Resurrection Day!
Anonymous said…
This is a wonderful idea, I am going to make it. However, you left the u out of triumph. Yes, I've done that before, too.

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