Tang Dynasty Horses

When I was three years old, I picked up a coffee table book of Versailles and told my Daddy "that's where I want to live when I grow up". Needless to say, I suppose my sense of style is innate. I have always loved French furniture, anything hand painted, elaborate details, carved, ornate, rich and lavish. So when I flip through a Pottery Barn catalog, although beautiful, I don't find quite enough gilded or ornamental touches. I am a Horchow girl. I could write a love sonnet to Horchow. So when I was on their site looking for inspiration (or ideas to rip off), I fell in love with these Tang Dynasty Horses. They are $475 plus $280 delivery processing. Ouch! I think you can buy a real horse for that price........
Here they are:
Photo courtesy of Horchow.com
So when I was at the thrift store the other day I found this:
(You may need to shield your eyes from the utter 80's ugliness)

And then I found one of these little ones this week:

I know you are cringing at the thought that I actually paid money for these...

Removed their poles, a coat of primer, a little black spray paint,

Some acrylic craft paint, and a little lacquer.

And voila!

Obviously, Horchow's more closely resemble a Chinese military horse from the 8th century, but hey, I just rescued theses ladies from a life on the pole! (OK, must stop laughing and grow up)For less than $10, I'll take it!


AnneYarbs79 said…
That's Jas' motto for raising Olivia: We must do everything we can to keep her off "the pole"! HA!

I will admit I thought you had lost it with these horses, but, as always- never should have doubted you! xoxo
Sunny said…
"life on the pole"...that is hilarious! If I weren't at work, I think I would have snorted out loud! You continually amaze me at your stuff! I think I like yours better. Good rip-off work!
Shelley said…
That is totally impressive! And I love the bathroom too (am amazed at your ability to stick with project through multiple steps).
Thanks for commenting on my blog, too.
MiriamR said…
I love those! I love all China decor I can't believe you made them look so good. When I first saw the pole horse I was skeptical but wow they look amazing!
Six in One Hand said…
Oh my goodness!!
I'm laughing sooo hard my stomach hurts...really bad!

Your horses are divine! You did an awesome job.
I'm sooooo glad they're not on the pole anymore!
Room to Inspire said…
Wow, these look great! I love them...so much better without the poles :). I just came over from Transformation Thursday...your blog is great!

HouseMama said…
Ladies and poles are never a good combination. Thank you for saving them (they look terrific!).
Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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