August 18, 2009

The extension of the kitchen....

We are so blessed to have such a fantastic pantry, it even has a lazy Suzann!

Here is a before pic (please excuse the poor quality)
A solid, heavy, wood trash can I bought on Craigslist for $20
Our pantry door around Christmas time, boring builder-grade white
After: A little black, burnt umber and gold, with a coat of poly

The pantry cabinets with black, distressed with antique gold and homemade stencils


Shauna said...

Ok - I think I want this look for my cabinets - can you just come over and do mine please?

HouseMama said...

Look how you redid the trash can! What a fantastic idea. Now I'll be up painting all night. :)

kitchen pantry organizers said...

It's quite impressive.