The ManSpace

The ManSpace has been one of those rooms we have not really focused on or spent a lot of time in. It's the first room when you walk in the door, technically it's supposed to be a a formal living room, but anyone with kids knows just how much some formal furniture would get used. :) Josh is a man's man, an avid hunter, and an all around sportsman, whereas I am an artist who won't even touch raw meat. So when we bought our house, we came to an agreement, that his animal heads, from South Africa, could only go in one room. Call me crazy, I just don't want a reindeer (as Hannah calls them), hanging over my bed, I guess I am just of the mindset that dead things do not equal chic decor. It was also the first room I painted, and now that I have it closer to being furnished, it is the wrong color, way too amber. But that is an easy fix.

I found this China Cabinet on Craigslist for $100
(It is a terrible pic of the craiglisting, I took it on my camera so I could hold it up to the wall)
It wouldn't fit in the dining room - but I loved it - so I thought it would make a great bookcase.

A quart of black paint from WalMart - $3.73
Some acrylic craft paint - free
And it was transformed.
Some of the accesories inside I had,
I bought the globe, boat, plate and gumball machine - $15 total - thriftstore
The chairs were also a Craigslist purchase - $200 for both.
Pillows I have had - originally from Walmart - need to be recovered, someday.
The ottoman came from Weirs when we first moved in - one of our first (and totally random) purchases - not sure of cost, but I am sure it was too much - and now I wish it was black :)

Here is a pic of the animals
The bar was a gift from Josh's mom for his 25th birthday - free
And the bar stool we adopted from an old roommate - free
Torch lamp - $5 - thrift store
The rug was the best deal of all - it is a Karastan Original - from Craigslist $150 (they retail for $6,000)

The Birdcage - $15 CCA thrift store
Tiles - $3 each - CCA (could be repainted)
The magazine holder - $2.50 - goodwill makeover - was white - painted and monogrammed

FABULOUS tins - FREE - my Aunt gave them to me
Topiary - $10 - Walmart clearance garden section
Moroccan Lantern $3 - garage sale
Suitcase - $8 - thrift store
Curtains - free - had leftover fabric from the livngroom - and the rods were left here by previous owners

Love this sword table - Weirs - same day as the ottoman - think it cost $200
Ball and Chain - Hobby Lobby garden - $3 (I have a terrible sense of humor)

This pic is from before we moved in - furnishings of the people who leased the house

Here is a pic from before I got the china cabinet (too bad those animals had to go to his office afterwards :))


Tee said…
Wow! Fabulous job. Any man would be thrilled to have that space, especially my three guys. They're all big hunters and fishermen. The dead things don't bother me so much. I actually kind of like them.
You pulled it off, I'm getting a kick out of the taxidermy...check out my room and you'll know why!
Cindy Brick said…
This is lovely! I am amazed at little you spent for everything. You can come decorate my house anytime!

Husband is also a hunter, and would kill for those animal heads...(Yes, I realize I just made a funny.)
I think you did a great job of creating a "manly" space that a woman would still feel comfortable in. My husband would love to have some "dead stuff" on our walls, but I am so not into that. I would, however, be okay with a neat old flintlock rifle or something (far away from where little hands could reach). ;) The cabinet is amazing, and I love the seating. Visiting from The Nester's party. :)
Jen said…
The bookcase is divine! Nice steal on Craigslist! Awesome room!
Do not let my husband see this post! He would love a manspace like this, I'm just not willing to give in yet. LOL
nice job on a man room! I giggled when I saw the oval frames around the necks of the animals' heads.....

Tina said…
This room looks GREAT!! You have a great decorating style! And bless your heart, it looks like you are married to a hunter like me!!
Older and Wisor said…
At least he didn't want those heads over the bathtub.

Great compromise. I'm not into the whole head thing, which is good because I would be having way too much fun with them....Santa hats, sunglasses, pirate eye patches, plastic smoochy lips for Valentines Day....
HouseMama said…
I love that you framed the reindeers. OK...I'm lying...I don't really like anything about the reindeer heads, but I like that you made them look more chic hanging on the wall. (I would have done the same if my husband hunted - I may just have to frame a soccer ball instead. :))
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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