Hannah's Closet.......

Hannah's closet was in MAJOR need of an overhaul. She needed a place to play even more. Her closet is over 3 feet deep and really wide. It makes a perfect play space.

Here is the before. Yikes!
I painted the walls with some leftover blue primer from our ceiling in the master bath.
I then took a kitchen sponge and made glazes out of acrylic craft paint and water, to simulate a sunset, yellows, pinks, corals, blues, and purples. I then made clouds with a cheesecloth out of an acrylic white glaze. I painted in the green hills and took a sponge brush and made it look like trunks for the trees. The treetops were also created with cheesecloth.

There is a bookcase on the left side....which still needs to be finished! Josh needs to buy some bigger MDF, and then I will paint it.
These curtains completed the look at $30 for the pair at Walmart.


That is SOOO pretty! I have a Hannah, too, but we call her Bre. She is a girly girl through and through and would LOVE those pink curtains!

Thanks for joining me, hope you'll stop back by soon!
Cute!! What a great idea - two for one! Closet AND play place!
MissyM said…
That is really pretty. I love those curtains.
HouseMama said…
So pretty....so feminine...what a perfect place to play.

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