The Kitchen Gets A Makeover

OK - so I am finally getting around to posting some of my recent projects, there are quite a few of them. Every time I get on the computer it is more fun to look at other people's projects than to post my own. But one of my best friends has been urging me to do this for awhile..........
When we were looking to buy our first house, I walked in the front door, and just knew it was "the one". I was in love. I knew she would need some cosmetic work here and there, but she had great bones. The kitchen certainly left something to be desired. Her wallpaper looked like it came straight off the set of Little House on the Prairie. Her cabinets, although plentiful, were orange. I am sure that they stained them with Sunkist.

Here is the appraisal guy and Josh in the first few. Previous owners furnishings:

Hannah as a baby, and Josh in his bachelor chair (that has miraculously disappeared :))

A closeup of the before color:

The next two were right before I sanded and primed:

I had bought a bed for Hannah that I planned to make into her big-girl bed. Craigslist - $35
But, I have the best Dad in the world, and he built her one. So, I have had a random bed in my garage for months.....
I lust after the custom kitchens, islands flanked by giant posts, detailed molding everywhere.
So I decided to cut all four posts off the bed and then cut each down the center length wise, to flank my island and cabinets. Also, to use the feet to put under my toe-kick to imitate furniture feet. I have plans for the remaining pieces as well. But for $35 I got a nice custom look.
And the corbels I bought on clearance at Loews for $2 each (originally $26)
Here is the pic the guy posted on Craigslist:

Here is the bed in pieces:

I used liquid nails to adhere them to the cabinets.

I used wood putty to back fill any gaps, and caulked the edges.
Here is the base coat in both colors.

On a side note, it is a very bad idea to have a toddler and not have any doors on the cabinets...

On the tan ones, I used acrylic craft paint in shades of greys and browns to mimic long term wear. I then rubbed a little oil glaze in raw umber, and applied tons of polyurethane. On the island I distressed with an antique gold , created a template for a stencil in Adobe, cut, and painted.

Without further ado,
The afters:

The hindsight I wish I would have spent more and gotten much bigger ones....

I painted the boring, ugly white florescent light box and added wood moulding.

One day I would love to replace the counter tops, lighting, and hardware. But for now, I love it!
The toddler table was from Target, via Craigslist,
And this makeover, was practically free - I used our leftover khaki wall color for the base of the main cabinets, leftover black for the island, the oil glaze from Hannah's bed, and some polyurethane from the cabinets in my studio (post coming soon). The only things I bought were the plaster corbels, and about $5 worth of craft paint, when I ran out. The bed cost $35, but it was just sitting in our garage. Even if I had bought all the supplies, it would certainly cost less than $100. You don't need big bucks to have big results.


Wow, your kitchen looks great. I have those orangey oak cabinets too and I hate them also. Mine aren't as orange as yours were though. I love that table you have with the inlay that shows up in a couple pictures.
Jenn said…
WOW! Amazing tranformation! The whole kitchen now looks custom! Great job! :)
Older and Wisor said…
Hold on....let me wipe the drool off my keyboard....FABULOUS.
michellejohnnie said…
Jealousy just set in! LOVE IT! Looks like a million bucks!
Sunny said…
Stopping by from ASPTL.

I have to say that this looks like an expensive custom kitchen! You put a lot of work in on this and it paid off. Beautiful job!
Kacee said…
Gorgeous and Classy! What a great job! I'm just so stinking proud of you and I don't even know you!
Shelley said…
Absolutely phenomenal!
Anonymous said…
What an awesome DIY!! Your kitchen looks wonderful. I love the way you used the post form the bed for the end of the cabinets- such a great touch!! I am sure you are enjoying cooking these days!!

Beth said…
I'm so glad your friend encouraged you to post this because it is fantastic! You've created a kitchen with old-world charm on-the-cheap! So not easy to do! Love it.
Angie said…
I have been clicking on all the pics to enlarge them and oohing and aahing over them. It looks so rich and gorgeous! The cabinets, island, and accessories look FABULOUS!!!
Crystal said…
It's all so warm, love it!

I have a poll up on my blog about my BIGGEST decor dilemma. Come on over and vote, I need all the help I can get!
I WANT THE BRICK, GIRL! I must have the bricks in my kitchen. I have also been trying to convince my husband to let me doctor up our island too, but since the house is new he is having a hard time with it. UGH, men! Did you add the bricks or were they already there? Hopefully, I didn't read about that already... The kitchen is amazing! You have given me ideas about adding the bed posts, too. I have a free-standing mirror that I want to take apart and hang on the wall, and all of this time I have been trying to figure out what to do with the wooden legs that are holding the mirror now. They are beautiful, and I have to do SOMETHING with them. Nothing gets thrown away around here!

Thanks for all the inspiration!
Proper Prim said…
W"O"W... what an amazing job... your home is gorgeous.
Keisha Lynn said…
WOW... amazing transformation!!! I LOVE your kitchen. I picked up tons of ideas from you! I have a black island just like yours in my kitchen and i have always wished I had columns under it. Well I might by next week, haha!! Thanks for this post, wonderful!!!
HouseMama said…
I have one of those lovely light box thingys in my kitchen too. Thank you for giving me an idea on how to update it.
Carolyn said…
Gorgeous! Amazing that pieces of a bed could be transformed to embelish your island - very creative! We have all white kitchen cabinets and now I'm thinking that our island would look better in a different color. Thanks for the ideas!

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