I'm Back....

I apologize for being MIA for so long. I didn't plan on it happening. My Dad came to visit from Tennessee (he hasn't been in town since January). It is easy to forget how much you miss someone until you get to spend quality time with them.
Here are some of the highlights: (P.S. My Dad and my brother are going to kill me for this :)
In fact, I expect to receive a call from posting this any minute now.....)

These pictures make me smile, (and it's not because
my Dad and brother look like they have
had one too many yard long drinks at Mardi Gras...)
but because they laughed, let her dress them up, and were wonderful sports as Grandpa and Uncle. (I told my brother all the single ladies love this look :))
I love you both so much!

OK, back to home decor......

I have had my fall decor up for weeks now....and have obviously been procrastinating posting.
Over the living room mantle.

The sideboard (the bizarre white blur from the right of the photo was brought to you in part by Dora.......I am wondering if perhaps she might be radioactive...)
Our front door.
Metal pumpkins in the manspace.
The table scape on the living room coffee table.

A trophy (97 cent thrift store find) , pumpkin and bird on an end table.
In the kitchen.

A pumpkin on the pear topiary.

In the master bedroom, in a hurricane, layered with pebbles, moss and a pumpkin.

Our dining room.

The Moroccan lantern was $2 at a garage sale.

The ceramic bird $.99 at a thrift store.

The faux cloche. I found a broken hurricane candle scone at a thrift store for $.25 - the kind that attach to the wall, and a candle fits in the bottom of it (upside down). I glued a dowel rod end to the end of it to mimic a cloche. My Aunt recently gave me some gorgeous beaded fruit.

The acorn ball was also $.25 at a thrift store.
The nest was given to me, and a piled it on top of a faux fur sample I had cut the last time I was at the wholesale fabric store.

Here are the metallic topiary pumpkins I refinished,

I missed you all so much, and am so glad to be back!


Angie said…
WOW! Can you please come work your magic in my home!!! ;) By the way adorable photos of the "boys" ;)
{ L } said…
I missed seeing your posts and I'm so glad you're back! :) Those pictures make me smile...perfect!

Lovely fall decor, it makes your home look extra warm and inviting.
Annette said…
Welcome Back! I missed your great posts. Your Fall decor is beautiful.
Liane said…
I'm glad to have you back! I was wondering where you went....and happy to hear it was for such a special reason! Thanks for sharing.. Liane
Love the Decor! said…
Everything is so beautiful!!
I love your sideboard.. I think I need one :)

Your dad and brother are great sports
Everything looks great....glad you are back
Love your decorating! That hutch is a really beautiful piece of furniture. I love the "Harvest" and other little items you placed on it ~ so pretty it doesn't need much. Love your pear topiary {well, I love the harlequin pot it's in : ) } Very nice touches!

I have Beyonce's Single Ladies going through my head as I look at pictures of your Dad and brother dressed to the 9's! What good sports, not only to let her dress them up, but to pose for pictures that can come back to haunt them at some unknown future date.
Love all of your fall decor! Great deals and the pics of your dad and brother are precious!
janna said…
Your house looks amazing! I love your curtains. Can you tell me where you got them???
Jacque said…
I am a proud grandparent so I am loving your dad! We do alot for our kids...BUT MORE for the grandkids...LOL

I love reading your blog and get so much inspiration from your creativity!

Have a great week.
Glad you're back! I love the warm and cozy fall colors and textures. And how sweet of your dad and bro for being such good sports! :) Every little girl needs someone to dress up - I totally dressed my little brother in costumes!
SusanD said…
The pics of your dad and brother are so precious. Such sweet memories for everyone. Love your decorating style. The painting above your mantle is gorgeous. Aren't those pumpkin pieces next to the Moroccan lantern the ones you redid recently? Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD
I looooooove the harvest sign you have! You house looks so cozy with all the fall decor.
AnneYarbs79 said…
Its amazing the things a precious little blue-eyed blonde can get people to do! Priceless!

(And I'm pretty sure we can add "radioactive" right up there with being a pushy brain-washer with no sense of direction. Poor Dora, she doesn't look so great on paper...)
4Hoffman's said…
WOW! I am totally impressed! Your house looks like it popped out of a magazine! I'm working on mine! Its going to take me a couple years to build up "enough" halloween/fall decor, but with recent trips to Homegoods I might make it!! LOL!!
Sherri S said…
The photos of your dad and bro made me smile. It really is the simple things in life she will remember. Your fall decor is stunning! You have the greatest EYE for design and decor.
Nat said…
I am in love with that pear topiary! I want one!
Sunny said…
Hey, girl! I had a great time in Dallas! Thanks for your recommendations. We went to La Cubanita and loved it. The fried plantains were to die for. I think Chuy's steak burrito was my fave meal by far! Oh my gracious! We are a bit of nuts for Mexican, so it was Tex-Mex at it's finest. We also did Uncle Julio's (not that impressed), Campisi's for Italian, and we drove forever to Frisco to go to Rudy's! Oh, and I've fallen in love with Orange Cup! Yikes! My niece took me to the ice skating rink in the mall; oh and we did Northpark Mall - you're right - very chi chi. LOL

Thought of you so much while I was there!
Absolutely beautiful. That Painting...oh my...breathless...you have a talent!
Someone's Mom said…
Wow, I didn't see a thing that I didn't like. I need to go to some thrift shops...you have some great finds. I really like the pumpkins in the manspace.

Your brother is a cutie (no worries, old and married here)and your dad looks like a fun grandpa. I think it is cute they played along.

Alyssa Barnett said…
The house looks great (and your brother is drop-dead gorgeous!)

Glad you had fun. You're decor looks gorgeous, of course.
How festive! Really love your sideboard decor. You did a great job!
I was wondering where you were! Glad you're back.
I am glad you are back. I was checking frequently to see if you had any new posts. Glad you had a great visit!

Fall decor looks fabulous!
Symone's Mommy said…
HEY! Welcome back...we have to catch up so I can tell you about the great stuff Annette and I found at CCA.
HouseMama said…
Gorgeous fall decor!
And you're right about the single ladies....they'll love the pics of the men in your life - chicks dig guys like that! :)
random notes said…
Your father told me that I would love your blog and he was right. How serendipitous that we had a conversation here in Saluda NC about blogs.He's right, you are very talented.
Proper Prim said…
Oh what great sports Grampa and Unc are... they look like they are really enjoying it... LOL... your fall decorating is gorgeous as usual... lovely job... your home is so warm and inviting... thanks for sharing and allowing us the tour. Great job.
Janean said…
Just discovered your wonderful blog. Enjoyed all your goodies, but the photos of brother & dad were PRICELESS.
R@chel :) said…
A guy, In a tiara?
Lisa said…
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