Sneak Peek...

Sorry to have disappeared off the blog-planet again.
I have MISSED blogging!
I have had lots of big things going on, good things that I can't wait to share with you soon.
And trying to make a "simple" set of wings. It seems every time I think a project is going to be "easy" and just take a takes five times as long, and is challenging. It feels like I have made approximately 578 sets of wings. OK, realistically, I have made 7. Seriously. And I have made wings several time before, so I don't understand what the holdup was. I could easily devote an entire post to when a good idea goes really wrong....
BUT, I am done. It's not perfect, but at this point it's just done :)

My daughter is SO much more girly than I ever will be, so I tried to come up with a compromise of both our tastes (Yes, I am saying that now while she is 3.....but I am not agreeing to it when she is 16...)
So tutu dress it is.
When tied behind her back, the painted petals lay like a petticoat.

The halter part that will tie behind her neck.

The avant garde hat, made of painted "petals" (painted and cut broadcloth), a painted silk flower, tulle, a few feathers, and a butterfly on floral wire.
(I wanted something more couture than antennas...........can you tell that I have been watching Project Runway lately????? :))

The wings, this is a terrible picture.....I can't seem to take a good one of them tonight. I promise they look much better than this, though. In real life they are not shiny, nor wrinkled looking....
They are hanging from the ribbon that will tie around her waist (under the tutu dress)

Another not so good pic....sorry. In real life, they move and are a softer looking fabric. (It is painted broadcloth)
We are planning on having the annual costume photo shoot at the park with our best friends
this week, so I will be updating these with better pictures soon!
I have missed you all! Hope you are all doing well!


That looks amazing! The colors are so pretty.
Lisa Anne said…
OMG you made that? It looks amazing. I'm so impressed. WOW!!
HouseMama said…
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HouseMama said…
I can't wait to see the photo shoot pictures - it looks beautiful.
Annette said…
Welcome back. That costume is so cute! I know she is going to be adorable in it.
luvky girl!! That looks aMAZing!
Those are AMAZING! Great job!
I bet she'll look adorable in her costume! Any chance you're pregnant? :) Don't want to start any rumors here, but projects always took be five times as long when I was carrying. Anyhow, I'm nosey and should just keep to commenting on your gorgeous costume. So good to see you back!

Angie said…
WOW! Now that's a costume! I suddenly feel very unoriginal ;) Can't wait to see it on her!
Sunny said…
Never for a minute think that she will take these costumes for granted. My Maw Maw used to make our costumes for us and it is a treasured memory of mine as a kid. It's so beautiful what you've done! Can't wait to see her in it.
Jennifer said…
It's adorable!! What a precious costume. I *love* the colors you used!
Symone's Mommy said…
Hey, Girl! Love it...glad you are back.
That looks great!! I can't wait to see pictures of her wearing it... I just made my first tutu! having fun...
Tara said…
So pretty! Can't wait to see the pics.
I, like you, haven't been around much in bloggy land. Can't seem to catch up long enough to blog. I MISS IT and my incredible bloggy friends (who I have just about lost because of being out of touch for so long. I think I will be able to reconnect as soon as winter sets in. I will be indoors more and have more time on my hands to catch up!
Have a blessed rest of the week.
Hugs from Texas.
Oh my, it is gorgeous. I hope my daughter (age 25) doesn't see this...I will be lectured on what a terrible mother I was. She was usually a hobo or something equally as easy.

aww!! what a good Mommy you are!! I am sure your daughter will look darling!! Huge hugs!! Britt :-)
AdronsCatherine said…
I was just thinking about you the other day - wondering where you had disappeared to ;o) LOL!

What a beautiful costume - I really love your creativity ;o)
Wow it's gorgeous! I want to wear it! I really want to see it on her. I really cannot stop looking at it because it's that pretty! Great job!
{ L } said…
There you are! :)

Wow, how dreamy is this? Your little girl is a lucky one! I love all the colors you chose.
santamaker said…
This is stunning and your daughter is simply beautiful. I hope she had fun trick or treating. What a lucky little girl!

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