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mama2duke&beck said…

I absolutely LOVE your countertops!! I've been using the hammered spray paints on mine as well......but, I've never thought of mixing a paint in too!
Can you please tell me how dry the spray paint was before you added the green or was it still pretty tacky?

Thank you!

Hi. I'm Sharon and live in Sherman just North of Frisco. I was going through my Christmas binder (dreaming early) and saw your much beloved article I clipped out from a magazine (Country Woman?) years ago. Via the article, I found your blog. I would like to do a quick feature on your blog and your talents, using a few of the photos from your blog. Please let me know if I have your approval. I only feature blogs that I can't say enough good things about and link to the blog so others can enjoy it. My email should show with this comment. Thanks for listening and your consideration.

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