Outta Hiding....

The summer is coming to an end. School is starting back, and soon we will hear the sounds of football and the smell of chili. My three month blogging vacation is coming to a close. We found out at the beginning of the summer we are expecting our second baby. I just felt like I needed to put the brakes on a little. We have busy lives as is, and then on top of that I spent so much time focused on projects and blogging. It was a little much. As most of you know, blogging can be so time consuming, and for me it felt like I was trying too hard to make it all "perfect". So with Doctors orders I completely laid off the projects (no painting, gluing, etc). (Don't get me wrong....I went through about a three week spray paint with drawl.....and then kicked myself for not doing about a hundred other projects "before" when I could have) I decided to just spend the summer and focus on my family. My daughter is 4, and next year she will be going to kindergarten, and she won't be an only child anymore. We spent time in Tennessee and Louisiana with family. In between we have had lots of guests and visitors. Guess I just feel like I owed everyone an explanation.
I do have lots of projects I finished before this summer that I will be posting. My Doctor also gave me permission to start painting again (water based only) in a few weeks. And you know the nursery will be soon to follow :)


Yay... so glad to see you back! Congratulations on the new little one on his or her way! :) I can't wait to see some of these projects you are going to show us!
Janna said…
I'm so glad you are back. Congrats on the new baby. I'm excited to see your new projects and the nursery!
Congratulations! Good to see you back!
HouseMama said…
You're back!!! Congratulations on your little one.
Aleane said…
Congratulations! Glad to see you back.
Frugal Jen said…
Congrats on the baby on the way! Take it easy, rest and enjoy your little girl and the pregnancy. The baby will be here before you know it.

I was on bedrest for 10 weeks and went crazy not doing projects. I rested and now I have a healthy one month old. Now I am slowing getting back into projects.
Lana said…
This is wonderful news! We missed you in blogland, but totally understand. I, ironically, after I wrote you about missing your blog, went on hiatus myself (I'll write via email about that later today!) Congratulations! You and your growing family/the new baby will be in the Austin family prayers!
Blessings, Lana
Congrats on the new baby...jump over to my blog and check out my angel wings inspired by yours.

Glad you are back and can't wait to see your new projects.
Terrell said…
So happy to see you back!! Such wonderful news and congrats to you all!! How exciting! I can't wait to see your upcoming projects!!
Hugs to you,
Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~
Dolly said…
I'm so excited that your back-and your expecting a new baby!! Every time I see angel wings, I think of you and this awesome blog:)

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