Mossy Cross Topiary


Happy Easter!  Do you recognize this cross from Christmas?  I added a thin coat of chocolate brown paint and hot glued moss to make a mossy cross.


I had a thin strip of lattice leftover from Hannah’s bed (I used it in the canopy)  I primed it and painted it a flat white, then added a little bit of Benjamin Moore raw umber glaze to distress it.


I hot glued the lattice straight to a piece of burlap and hung it on the wall.


I rarely buy anything new, but fell in love with this sweet white terrarium.  (Hobby Lobby still has some in the garden section if you are looking…)


I filled it with fake grass. 


The Angel wings from Christmas.


The garden bird was $1 at Wal Mart (also from Christmas….noticing a trend? :)).


The little nest was a tiny grapevine wreath that I unraveled and stuck some shredded burlap thread in.  I added a few painted eggs and some sticks.09

After watching every member of the blog world decorate with the Pier One bunny topiaries last year, I decided to hop on the bandwagon.


I added it to a cute galvanized watering pail found at a thrift store for $1.


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Amanda said…
As usual, this is just too cute. I wish I was as creative as you!
I have been back thru all your Easter decor posts and I'm just amazed at all the creativity! Everything is gorgeous and who would have thought that those fabulous eggs are just the cheapy plastic ones? You did a wonderful job. They look so real!
Thanks for all the inspiration!
have a wonderful Easter,
Amy Kinser said…
How pretty and, of course, meaningful.

Have a joy filled Easter.

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