Not your Grandma’s Kitty….

 1 Here is a super simple, kid-friendly Halloween project.  You know those ceramic collectable cats everyone had in the 80’s?  I am pretty sure I gave one just like this to my Grandma back in the day……(Love you GG!)
2 I picked up these two felines from a local thrift store for $1, but I have seen similar ones at the dollar store.  Hannah carried them around for two days pretending they were her “pets”.
3 I let her paint them with non-toxic craft paint.  (no primer necessary)
4 Although at first she was very anti-black because she insisted it made them look “mean”…..and wanted to paint them pink instead.
5 Perfect scary Halloween black cats.
6 Let me know if you find some kitties to paint, would love to see the before and afters. :)


Anonymous said…
very cute and funny post! i love this idea! need to keep my eye out for some 80's ceramic kitties!
Sue said…
That really is a great would work with birds too!
Okay, that is way too clever!! Wonder what the person behind me in line at the thrift store is gonna think? hee hee
D. Ledbetter said…
Hello. I check your blog daily to see if you are back. Miss your blog so much it is one of by favorites. Will you be back anytime soon?
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Guillaume said…
Lovely. It reminds me of my dear departed black cat Odin.
Anonymous said…
Love this we have a big black cat as soon as I find one to paint I'll have 2.... one will not shed, spill ood all over creation or wake the entire house at 2 am just because he wants to get a pet. We love him anyway!

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