Painted Plastic Eggs


Ok, it’s official.  My paint addiction knows no limits.  I started painting (my daughters) plastic Easter eggs last year.  I made a topiary and an egg wreath, which I will show you over the next few days.  This year, I have a few new projects that used these painted eggs, so I wanted to have a little tutorial on them first. 2

I needed so many of them (last year) that I would have needed a shopping cart full of the paper mache ones, and real ones are just out of the question.  (I am a germaphobe when it comes to raw meat/eggs so there is no way I would risk salmonella for Easter decor.) So I used the generic plastic Easter eggs (the kind you fill).  Bonus: they are super cheap (40 cents a bag at Hobby Lobby and they have three different sizes) and they don’t break when kids play with them!3

After some trial and error, there are two ways I would recommend doing this.  If you plan on using acrylic craft paint, then prime them first.  I used cheap-o  Wal-Mart gray spray primer ($1 per can).  I like to paint them in those giant Rubbermaid containers because the paint doesn’t stick, you can easily roll them around without getting your hands covered, and the overspray stays in the box (which wastes less and doesn’t make as much of a mess).  Let them dry and then add the acrylic base coat.  (The brown ones were done this way, I used Anita’s acrylic in Cafe mixed with a little cream for the base)


OR you can skip the primer and use latex instead.  I mixed a couple of colors I had in the garage and came up with this pretty Robin’s egg blue color. (Baby blue, a small amount of a mossy green and a teeny bit of a nutmeg brown).  It took two coats to get really good coverage.


After the base coat was totally dry (with either acrylic or latex) I used three different colors on top along with the base.  Taupe (Americana Mississippi Mud is the perfect shade) Cream (Americana Light Buttermilk), and a tiny bit of burnt umber (Anita’s)


I put each on a lid or bowl, and used a sponge brush.  I would dip into a color (lightly) and randomly sponge over the egg.  While the first color was still wet, I would do the other two.  I only used the burnt umber to darken the shades, not as an accent color.

The good thing about doing it this way is that it stays wet so you can easily wipe it off if you don’t like the way it looks.


I stuck them all back in the plastic containers to dry and then splattered them with burnt umber (that was really watered down).  I used a one inch paint brush, but a toothbrush works much better to give you the perfect small speckles.


I would shake the box around and do it again to make sure the other sides were covered.  Have a paper towel handy to wipe off any large splatters.10

I can’t wait to show you the six different projects I have made with these.11

I also have them in bowls,  jars and nests all over the house.12

These are in a vintage glass bowl on an antique tea cart.13

These are on the kitchen counter under a cheese dome. (Ha!  If you look really closely these have holes in them, they were the first batch…from the Dollar Tree…don’t get this kind :))


In fact, if you look super close at any of them, you will see the seam.  But they survived a group of Hannah’s little friends last week :)


What do you think?


Painter's Place said…
OMG!! I love this. I'm definitely going to try this!!
Magic Brush said…
Unbelievable! Make some for me!!!!!! =)
I love them! If I had more energy {and time} to put into a project like this I would definitely do it. As it is, I may just pick some of them up and try a "lazy" way.
Brilliant - that's what I think. Pure brilliance. I've done the painting before, but the speckles kick it up a notch. Or twenty.
Terrell said…
The look incredible, as always! Can't wait to see the other projects! So glad you're back to always have the most amazing styles! Have a super weekend!
Ashley said…
I can't get enough of your work! It's exactly my style, and the tutorials are so accessible. I really feel like I can try these things! I'm such a huge fan, Alyshia!
Blue Creek Home said…
I am so very glad you are back and posting your beautiful projects.

I love the eggs, but the crucifixion nails are incredible. I was nice to see this amidst the sea of bunnies.

I use live writer too and you're right...much easier.

Your eggs are so beautiful!!! They look great. Love & blessings from NC!
Amazing as always. You are very talented.
Anonymous said…
These are so so pretty!! I love this idea and thank you for showing us how to make our ugly duckling eggs look gorgeous like yours! I am so doing this!!

bee blessed
HouseMama said…
So glad you're back. Those eggs look terrific!
Jan said…
Yea!!! You are back!!! The eggs are amazing...and the Crucufuxion nails...thank you so much for providing the wonderful tutorial! I can't wait to see more!!!

Jan in TN
Isaac's Family said…
They look SO good. You should sell these! I would buy some!
These eggs are amazing... I can't believe they are made from those 'cheapo' plastic eggs! Thank you so much for sharing how you did this- I'm headed to the garage now to gather the materials.
Oh and BTW- did you ever get your hands clean?!!! Loved that photo.
Amanda said…
I can't believe those started out as those cheap plastic eggs. Amazing!
Dottie said…
Absolutely beautiful eggs!! Eggs, nests, and birds are my favorite year around, but especially for spring. These are wonderful. Definitely will give this a try. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Hi love the eggs and I'm going to give it a try! Just wondering.... did you just let them dry in the plastic container? Did they stick or look yucky on the bottom side? Thanks!
butchiesgal said…
LOVE this! Can't wait to try it!
Bonnie said…
What a great idea - looks fun too! Nice and messy... lol Thanks!
Unknown said…
Going to do this! Thanks for sharing your fabulously creative ideas!!
Thank you for sharing the tutorial and your beautiful photos!

I bought some plastic eggs to use for other projects this Spring, but all I could find were eggs with holes in them. What's with that? They didn't used to be made like that! Does anyone have suggestions where to find (cheap) plastic eggs without holes?
Anonymous said…
Love this idea!! Goona try it this year. Is latex paint the paint you use on your house wals??
Loved this post!
teacherbtx said…
I love how authentic your plastic eggs look after the DIY project!!! The displays of eggs were simple, yet elegant! Thanks for sharing!!!
Great look and great tutorial. xoxo
Unknown said…
Just wondering how did you get the seam to disappear? Want to do these badly but I really don't want to see the seam.
bama37 said…
Did you glue your eggs together first or is the paint enough to hold them together? I saw another article where the lady glued hers together.... Thanks!
I just noticed the date on this post but really I hope you get this...I loved your tutorial and your painted fingers...that is the only way to get the job done and it they turned out great...I just bought some to play with today, I tried decoupaging them but my lord that is one messy job....I decided after doing two I would paint the rest!
cj0090 said…
I am obviously late to this party because the original post was in 2010, but this looke GREAT! I'm going to try this. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful idea!
Anonymous said…
Your commentary as special as your project!!!

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