Faux Iron Witches Cauldron

 1 I wanted to add a little ghoul free Halloween fun to our front porch.  I am such a weenie when it comes to anything gory or frightening, in fact I still don’t get why some people like to be scared.  To me fear = no fun!  However, Josh loves Halloween, and I know the kids enjoy it too, so I am trying to do a tasteful version (no severed arms please!)2 I have had this project in my head awhile, and when I ran across this cheap, plastic cauldron ($1) I knew it was perfect.  (I have seen these everywhere now…Wal Mart, Target, etc)  In an effort to stay away from chemicals I did not prime this……but it would have gone so much faster and been easier if I did!  So prime first (if you are not pregnant :))!  The reason being, because the plastic is so slick, it will give the texture something to grip to.  (otherwise you will have to wait a week for it to cure like I did…)  I mixed low voc latex paint, with lots of sand (for texture) and some flour (for glue).  I left it pretty lumpy and used a brush that could be tossed to smear it on.
3 I left it for about a week to harden., then coated it with flat black.  I sponged on small amounts of craft paint in spice brown and gray.  I then drizzled watered down white paint down the sides.4 This witches sign came from the Dollar Tree.  I put some used tea bags on it to stain it and left it for about an hour.
5 I filled the cauldron with newspaper.
6 Then covered it with half of a cut creepy cloth.  (This will make it easier to pick the moss up out of it)
7 And topped that with some Spanish moss (also from the Dollar Tree)
8 Now the fun part: filling it!  I had several ideas of what I wanted to put in it….next year I think I will put either a witches boot or some glittered red Dorothy shoes.  The possibilities are endless, candy, pumpkins, signs, skeletons….
9 Here is the tea stained sign.
10 A peanut butter jar turned jar of spider webs.  I printed it out from here.  (But changed the worms to spider webs)
11 I painted a Dollar Tree pumpkin creamy white, added a crow, a glitter skull, and two spiders.  (All of which I had, but came from the Dollar Tree) The witches brooms came from a thrift store for $1 and Josh painted them black for me.
Easy transformation of a cauldron from inexpensive plastic to rusted, iron.  Looks like a witch made quite a few brews in this one!  And best of all, cute Halloween porch decor for under $5!
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Anonymous said…
you are good! i love it! and i love the dollar tree! i have alot of the same things! i might have to put one together! i love your ideas!
Tonia Lee Smith said…
Gotta love the dollar store, That's a great transformation!
HouseMama said…
You are amazing! What a great project for a fantastic price.
Sue said…
This turned out so well. You really made dollar tree items look so much more expensive and spooky! Love it!
This looks amazing! What a clever idea. Much better than a plain shiny plastic black pot. Great job!
TidyMom said…
I LOVE it!! what a great idea!! I stumbled your post for you!
Room to Inspire said…
I love it! What a fabulous idea. I can think of a ton of pieces that would look better with a little added texture...hum....

great job on your cauldron! I need to shop the $$$ store more often!
thanks for linking up and linking back.
Diana LaMarre said…
Wow! You are one clever lady!

I did do my version of your raven/typewriter vignette. I just love it!

Thanks so much for the inspiration.
Anny said…
WOW! This is really beautiful and looks so professional :D
Sandy Ang said…
The altered cauldron looks amazing ! So well staged too.
Wow... looks fabulous and SO much lighter (and cheaper) than cast iron! I hope to find a plastic cauldron this week (if all the witches haven't scooped them up yet)and make this for next year. Thanks for the inspiration. (Love the fillings too!)
I love this! SUCH a cute idea! I definitely need to bookmark this idea for next year!
Hanna W said…
Good info! Keep up these nice posts.
Tiffany said…
holy cow i LOVE this, you have an eye for shabby chic repurposig things, what a great idea!!

Tiffany, I blog over at
Anonymous said…
LOVE IT!! What size of witches cauldron did you use??
Unknown said…
This is exactly why I love Halloween. I find people's creativity peaks during this period. I love how you combined natural elements with this project. It looks great and I'm combining your work for my own halloween celebration. Great job!

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